Hip Fashion Accessories – N82

Nokia‘s latest released N-series phone, N82, is one of the hottest must-have mobile phones around. Like its predecessors, it is armed with one of the highest resolution cameras equipped onto a mobile phone in its generation. Sporting a 5-Mega pixel camera, built-in Xenon Flash Photography, and an up to 100Mb dynamic memory, it is the perfect gadget for gatherings with important friends and family.

Sleek and sexy, it is Wi-fi and Bluetooth 2.0 ready, photos taken can easily be edited on the device itself. It is a smart phone that can display your life photos with its extensive media gallery. When you need the extra bling in a party with close friends or during a birthday, this is the perfect fashion accesory for you. It comes as cool silver. You can play your favorite hits while on the go. Storage capacity can be improved through hot swappable microSD cards. Click here for complete technical details.

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