PDF Converter – doPDF 6.0

Softland‘s doPDF 6.0 is a PDF converter that can create sercheable PDF files by selecting only the Prind command from almost any application. This version adds a new languages tab and bug fixes. It can be used both for personal and commercial use. Converting Microsoft Excel, Word or Powerpoint documens or your emails, for that matter, are just a few clicks away. doPDF acts as a virtual printer driver that appears after successful installation and will appear in your Printers and Faxes list.
To create files in PDF format, you will have to print your documents using the doPDF converter. You need to open your document that you want to convert with any word processing software like Microsoft word or Notepad, select print and then doPDF. You will be prompted in to choosing where to save the PDF file, and when you’re done, the PDF file will be be upened using your default PDF viewer.
What’s great about this software is it’s for free. Try it, click here.

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