A quick download? Try Limewire.

Let me tell you a story on LimeWire. Around five years ago, I was in this internet cafe just outside our university. I played a lot of online games in my life, and during that time I was immersed into an MMORPG called Flyff. I have spent a lot of my free time on MMORPG’s and that time was no exception. The room was dark with soft lights at the corners; I really liked the setting and the ambiance of the new cafe.e

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The music was of my type, slow and of heavy bass. I wondered where they got all their songs. So, unable to help myself, I went to the approachable looking girl at the server and asked her, hoping that they would share their secret. Unexpectedly, she gave me a calm and straightforward answer, they got their songs from Limewire.

Satisfied, I made my way back to my PC and searched on Yahoo for Limewire. It was a P2P file sharing software. P2P, peer to peer, applications allow its users to share files among themselves. The only other similar thing that I knew of like it was BearShare. I liked Limewire’s default color theme, a gentle lime green, and an immaculate user interface. I started using it and found out that it was very basic and – what can I say? – a gold mine. It was a downloader’s paradise. You can have it search for almost every file type there is, video, audio, programs, pictures, almost anything; and what’s so cool about it is that you are able to preview files while you are downloading them. If you want yo transfer your music files or videos to your player, all you had to do is to locate where it stores its downloaded files, send it to your media and there you go – instant satisfaction.

What I liked about Limewire is its easy navigational tools. After downloading a certain file, it automatically appears in your library. You can use the library to queue your favorite music and play them on the application itself. It also has the ever necessary shuffle and repeat play options, good for businesses like internet cafes. Now, I have Limewire in my laptop and PC to provide me with solid performance P2P service whenever I need a quick download.

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One thought on “A quick download? Try Limewire.

  1. Vin??I like this blog a looooooooooot bettur than the wordexpressions!!Ahaha! Kadirs guid to ya kay… Did you get to read it?! My gulay. I thought you were THAT wasted!Ahaha!Great content, Vin. 🙂 More of the choco posts, more informative content, and you’re on your way. Kitams, 45 visitors ka na. 🙂 Just write on. 🙂 I will index you so that you will get more visits. :)The key thing is great content. I like your pics kay it keeps the blogs interesting. Blog on!

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