RF Online

RF Online is an MMORPG with a delicate balance of traditional fantasy and revolutionary sci-fi. To those who are new to MMORPG, it means Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Anyway, this genre is entirely new. This can be attributed to its game play that roots one’s success not on the character level, rather on how well you use your equipment and skills. Players aggressively upgrade their equipment, and transmute ingredients to use powerful items; thus, becoming prominent in the game.
Their economy is based entirely onto two methods of gaining profit – farming and mining. Farming is hunting monsters to gain loot. Rare and valuable items can be obtained through farming. In-game “Money” can be gained by selling loot to NPCs (Non-playing Character) or to fellow players as well. In-game currencies differ with each race. Dallant for the Bellato Union, Disena for the Corites, and CP for the Accretians.

Mining is the most controversial source of ores. These ores are the only ingredients that can transmuted into Talics, the main ingredient when upgrading equipment. Some of these talics can be discarded but there are others than can be sold at very high prices to co-players. Through mining, the three races can produce many kinds of enhanced weapons and arsenals. This Mining system results to many conflicts within the races.

The world of RF revolves around three races. Bellato Union, which specializes in manning mechanized units with great strength and offensive skills, Holy Alliance Cora, a mystically oriented race utilizing magic and summoning skills, and finally the mighty Accretia Empire, fully mechanized units with highly advanced weaponry. These three races are naturally opposing each other. Their goal is to obtain the Crag mine which is the main source of their economy. All members of the race are required to participate in the race war – Chip War as it is referred. Each race has a chip that they need to defend from the other races. The objective of the war is to defend your race’s chip while destroying one from an opposing race. If a certain race wins the war they have the full access on the mining site for several hours until the war chip begins.

When choosing a character class you should first consider what type of character you have in mind. There are specialties for each race. You may pick a warrior, a ranger, specialist or spiritualist to be your character whatever race you will choose. Warriors are excellent in close combat while rangers hone their skills for ranged assaults. Specialists have ability to craft items such as armors and weaponry; for the Bellato Union, they are this is the only class that can pilot the dreaded MAU. Finally, the spiritualist is the strongest damage-dealing class and like other MMORPGs they have physical weaknesses. You can choose on which of these classes suit your personality and game style. If you need help, there are tons of websites with guides and FAQs on RF Online.

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