Of Java and Starbux Mermaidz

One of the things that geeks just love guzzling is a cup of Java.. Coffee!

That is why one of the most favored software development platforms, Java, is so named after that “magic drink,” so to speak.

But we are not about to talk about Java today. Truth be told, I hate that platform. While there are lots of whoop-butt stuff that programmers can make it do, I just don’t appreciate it when software just maxes out my RAM and makes my browsers, and everything else, crash.

But enough about Java, why don’t we just go on to discussing about our Quibble of the Week.

From today on, we shall discuss stupid nothings every Monday of the week. Stuff that don’t matter in the cosmos, and are just quirky absurdities. Ready for this week’s Quibble?

This week’s Quibble is all about the Mermaid of Starbucks.

Recently, the Starbucks logo has once again come under fire, as it brought back its original logo. The original Starbucks logo had been that of the two-tailed mermaid. But due to revisions over the years, because of the “morally unacceptable” look of the logo, we no longer sea (pardon the pun) the mermaid’s bottoms. Instead, we got this cropped image of her head and a bit of her torso.

Recently, however, we are treated to an old “new” sight: the Mermaid’s two tails yet again.

I am not against censorship, and I am not against freedom of speech, either. I just wonder if it’s worth all that energy to nitpick on something as insignificant as the two tails of a mermaid that, while it certainly looks obscene, surely won’t change the course of eternity if it’s left there.

I’m just a firm believer of:

To the pure, all things are pure.

And that one should choose his battles.

There are things in life that should be fought for. Like your freedom, your sanity, or your purity. But for things like two-tailed mermaids, lemme ask myself, should I even be writing this?

Either way, I still am a firm believer that coffee is a geek’s water, though it’s so not good for the Bipolar geek, and I also firmly believe…

That Java’s being a resource hog still…

Disappoints me. For lack of a non-obscene disparaging word. Heheh.


Evolution of the Starbucks Logo

Quibblez on Starbucks’ Mermaid

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