MY Definition of “GEEK”

The other week, I put out an article about the definitions of the word “Geek.” People defined “geek” with one general thought: Geeks are those people who are so focused on what they do, and they do not care that what they do is actually against the norm.

The general consensus is that while Geeks are focused, they do not go for activities that would require them to do anything more strenuous than making fingers fly in the process of programming, or in my case, writing. In general, geeks tend to be people who would rather veg out in front of the computer monitor, ogling the latest Mac vs. PC commercial, or some exciting unboxing activities.

Geeks differ in terms of the kind of geek that they are. Some geeks are into books and writing, like me, and won’t touch any other software apart more challenging than the office/productivity suite. Other geeks are into hardcore programming and hacking, while still others are into gaming, like my co-dweller of this blog, Ervin.

Geekiness is a solitary affair, much of the time. I believe it rests mostly upon a geek’s curiosity about life, and fascination with these machines and whatever catches his/her fancy. Those who are into cross-stitching or any other needlework activities, and even athletes, though they are very focused in their “vocation” are not considered geeks, however. The athletes are called “jocks,” while the needlework fans, unless they are no older than their 30s, I doubt anyone’s ever called them geeks. Geeks seem to be an archetype of young people, in general. But once a computer geek, you will always be a computer geek till you die.

In the end, all I want to ask is, what is in a name, after all? Are the labels worth it? Well, I do happen to like being called a geek; but would I call myself a geek only by virtue that I wear glasses and happen to go gaga about computers? In general, take away the computers and the glasses, Would I still be a geek?

I believe that I am a geek by virtue of my curiosity and fascination about anything and everything. I think most people are just too oblivious to these things, but true geeks are so curious and so inquisitive that they would want to know how things work and tinker with them until they break them… And put these things together again… Unless they broke it beyond repair, of it’s a thing of nature.

But then again, labels and archetypes have always been arbitrary. Howzabout you? Are you a geek?

Or are you an android? Heheh. This is Lorie, now signing off. 😀

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