Calling the Next Generation!

As usual, I was just minding my own business, trying to fix my blog, and a blog I had promised my Editor-in-Chief friends from Central Philippine University, where I graduated, and I came across this post by another Christian, detailing her agony about how she hadn’t seen Christians developing FREE Blogger templates. If anything, she has even voiced out what I had only thought before: that software and what-not created by Christians for Christians are, well, in need of massive improvement.

I don’t blame her. Because before, I used to complain the same thing about how the Christian community seems to be rather deprived.

I know that since Jesus was also persecuted and hated by the world, it’s only natural that we’re the minority, too. But wait up. The past of the Christian being on the sidelines of the world is gone.

This year had been marked by the American Prophetic community of the year when the Lord’s people are taking back the land the enemy has claimed and closing the gates of hell.

If I’m speaking alien here nevermind. What you need to know is that, this year marks something in the air for the Lord. He is sounding the trumpet for His people to rise up and take their places.

Are you called to web dev?

Are you called to writing in mainstream media?

Are you called to love numbers and become an excellent accountant?

Rise up.

We were meant to live for so much more. We were meant to live for beyond feeding ourselves or our families. We were called to take dominion and seize what is Jesus’!

You’re young you say? Timothy was young too.

Dudes, figure out what you love doing. Chances are, this is where God will use you to the fullest.

Life is more than the paycheck. Life is more than the misery. When you are on track and on focus towards the goal that the Lord has set for you, three things will happen:

  1. You will understand what needs to be pruned or chopped off in your life to make room for more focus in the direction you were called.
  2. You will know exactly what it is you need to be doing.
  3. You will stop running around in circles.

So yeah, my jobhunting to Manila Bulletin, Powermac, etc., were never in vain. Powermac, I’m sure I will have a season there. I was given the open door in case I still want to come back and I am taking it, when the time is right. Manila Bulletin, I am seriously not sure, but one thing is certain for me: our mainstream media needs new blood.

It may not be me,

It may not be you,

It may be your seatmate in the next D’Block, Yo-Jam, or whatever youth group meeting you are attending that day.

It may be that girl you’ve been praying for to fall in love with Jesus.

All I know is that we are called to pray, figure out where God is going to use us to the fullest, and walk, relentlessly, in that path.


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