What If: >>>Extreme Sports for Jesus, Being a Christian Ninja, and Other Stuff Off the Top of my Head<<<

The great part about having a Christian boss who, by all indications so far, is a true-blue JESUS worshiper, is that she’s a lot understanding about my adjustment period. She’s allowing me to just sink my teeth into the schedule and stuff for now. I, on the other hand, am seriously wanting a maid already. Only, I couldn’t afford a maid, heheh.

Much of my time is consumed washing the dishes coz my landlord hatez the mess I leave. Ohkaay. So I have to deal.

Now, because everything is just going crazy and it seems like I’m losing my love for my First Love, I just decided to take some time out and listen to Mike Bickle of International House of Prayer and his vision for International houses of prayer being set up around the world.

I would love to take part in that.

But then there I started craving for one of Misty Edwards’ songs. Misty is a member of IHOP’s Prayer Room, and her songs are just rockin’ and soul-shaking, like this one:

…And in my search for that particular video to share with you, I came across this one, about kids doing the new extreme sport, “Parkour.”

What I learned from my earthly father is that with everything that a person has to do, there has to be purpose. There has to be an end goal for everything we do.

While I admire these kids’ power and talent, I can’t help thinking that this is so reminiscent of the abilities of the ninjas in the old days.

As Misty is singing, we are on the verge of Christ’s return. I bear witness to the fact that there IS something happening in the air. He did say in the Bible that when the Son of Man comes, signs abound. It is like the time of harvest, when the wheat heads are full, and they’re drooping from the weight of their fertility.

If you are unaware that so many things are happening and all you see is that you want to live your life with your head in the sand, and that Jesus may well not return, then what-evar. All I know is that electricity is starting to crackle in the air.

But back to these kids doing Parkour. Bear with me as I paint a mental picture. In the areas where God is so needed, there is still so much of a need for physical strength, and in the path of flight, where persecution might happen, don’t you think that talents like Parkour would have use?

Imagine. Thousands of Christian “ninja’s” taking ground for Jesus in the Middle East, in the Communist countries, in the mountainous and hostile regions where His name has yet to be heard.

Imagine. Your prowess of backdiving and stuff better utilized as you flee from physical enemies in nations where they do not understand that God owns this earth and He is taking ground and He wants to use you?

I sure want to learn Parkour if only the Philippines were not so hostile to new things like these. There were days, when I was on an extended fast, that my feet were so light and quick that I felt like I could do things like these.

I know I will get the chance to play around with my physical strength. For now, I’m letting the gears turn in your head.

What if Jesus needed end-time ninja’s to go brave Cuba, South America, or even Japan, North Korea, and the unreached areas of China?

What if?

Are you willing to take the call?

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