Blurt-Outs: Randomness Rocks!

Because I got seriously serious in the previous post, I’d like to do something totally random.

You likey? I likey!

(Even if you don’t, I’ll get silly anyway, so there. :p)


I realized I likey gaming when my housemate let me play with his Nintendo DS. I got addicted to Trauma Center: Under the Knife.

Now I wanna be a doctor. :p


I decided I like being a writer because it lets me do anything and everything and “be” in almost every occupation I could ever want to get into.

I might not be in that profession in reality, but after 10 500-word articles on stuff like dental articles, customized genetic nutrition or ankylosing spondylitis, I sure start to think I’m a doctor. Heheh.


I realized that I seriously need B Vitamins.

But I think I like coffee more.

Customized genetic nutrition, anyone?


One of the subjects I really liked back in high school was Genetics. I was so fascinated with heredity. It turns out, I might use it, after all.

I think I wanna be a doctor, seriously.


This week, I learned something new. I learned that there are times when too much vitamins are much too much. I used to pop, like, 4 500-mg tablets of Vitamin C, especially when I got sick.

Then I learned from my doctor friend that I shouldn’t have done that, because the human body could only take so much of vitamins.

There’s a better way, though. Customized genetic nutrition. These guys actually researched on how to bring DNA testing to the mass market level, and then customize your very own vitamins just for your kind of DNA mix. Neat, huh?

That’s biotechnology for you!


I realized that there’s no such thing as one email address too many. A kid needs it as she grows up. I went from “terranne” to “nenyalorien” with loriethereselocara and lightspeedwritingsolutions and lightspeedsolutions.lorie in between.

I also realized that as a person grows, online nicknames/handles change as the kid grows from suicidal freaky thing to healthy mature adult. Neat, huh?

I started from BlackDove to BloodRose to Nenyalorien. I think I’m sticking with Nenyalorien.


If you’re puzzled what “terranne” means, it means: Graceful girl on earth (my definition).

See, terra=earth, anne=grace. Heheh.

I used to want to have a gracefulness that I thought I didn’t have back in high school. Now that I know what “Grace” truly means, I am glad I picked that name for me.

But it just won’t cut it anymore. Nenyalorien is more my speed.


I dislike the look of China phones in general, but this one I seriously likey’d… Sniff. Why can’t I trust China Phones??

Photo credits:


Just rambling here. But customized genetic nutrition seriously rocks!


Just in case you’re wondering, I back-posted this one, so that the highlight of the week: RF Online, would be right where it should be: on top. Enjoy!

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