RF Online’s Storyline: An Analysis by a Non-Gamer

I’m not one for video games much, but I was intrigued when my blog partner and this blog’s owner Vin had mentioned that more people got intrigued with our blog when he posted stuff on RF Online. So I thought to research on RF Online.

I found quite a few things that were interesting to note about Rising Force Online, a.k.a. RF Online.

One thing was the MMORPG‘s storyline. I felt like it was much of a socio-psychological commentary on the human race’s structure, than anything else.

On one hand, there are the Bellateans of Bellato, who are all about family, unity, and a continuous expansion of their dynasty. They are focused on trade and on acquiring more resources, in order to take over more and more of their galaxy, Novus.

On the other hand, the Corites of Cora, who are centered on their deity, called DECEM, who do not really care much for blood and family, and while they are organized into a neat caste system, anyone who belongs to a caste are considered members of an organization as strong as a family unit, but their central credo is that no one, not even parents or family, can come between them and their deity. The Corites, however, take care of their environment, and are rather respectful of where they dwell.

Lastly, the Accretian society is a organization of mecha beings who have a human brain. The Accretians come into being through cloning, and when they are “of age,” so to speak, their brains are transferred from their corruptible bodies into mechanical robotic structures.

As expected, the Accretians lack feeling, and the central goal of their totalitarian society is to destroy the other races in the Novus universe.

Theirs is a totalitarian society, woven together by their goal of taking over Novus by force and destruction.

For me, these three “societies” of RFO are caricatures of three structures in our world today. The Bellateans remind me of either the Jews or the Chinese, who are especially skilled in trade and who tend to control their society through resources.

The Corites seem to be the Christian community, or the Koreans of South Korea, who are known to be devout Christians.

The Accretian society, lastly, seem to be either the Americans or the Japanese, because of how they were characterized as imperialistic, their past as imperial powers, and their being materialism-oriented and driven more for productivity.

I am of the opinion though, that the makers of RF Online may have meant the Korea-Japan-China circles instead, but it’s interesting how the themes have come directly from real-world characteristics.

I may have read some not too optimistic reviews of RFO, but it’s of no consequence to my opinion that the storyline is excellent and well-thought-out. I am of the opinion that it’s most likely the company’s Korean background that gave the story those kinds of themes.

Koreans, you see, have strong Christian leanings. They also have a tendency to be philosophical about a lot of things, not to mention determined to excel. That’s the opinion I’ve formed, after observing some Korean friends back in Iloilo City.

Either way, it’s fascinating to see RFO from the eyes of a non-MMPORPG gamer. I’d like to learn more, but I doubt you’d see me playing it anytime soon.


Check out tomorrow’s post. See yah!


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