Shorties: Random Things Off The Top Of My Head

To the iPhone and Apple enthusiasts, great news. The iPhone is coming to YOUR country, and you won’t even need to break it through having it unlocked by your local iPhone modder.

In the Philippines, the iPhone would be offered by Globe Telecom. According to, Globe is still mum about it, so I guess the iPhone and Apple enthusiasts better stew in their seats yet, eh?


I have three realizations:

  • If you check your blog for comments 3 times in an hour, you’re obsessed.
  • If you have more than 5 email accounts and you check at least two and switch back and forth between email accounts at least twice in an hour, you’re obsessed.
  • If you carry a blackberry around even on vacation, just to check your work emails, you’re obsessed.

How many of you turned white then purple (Because you’re guilty! Like me! Haha!) as you read this? I thought so. Heheh!


Cooked cockroach smells like butter, did you know that?

I was so mad at a stray roach that decided to amble into the pot I was about to wash that I decided to just set it aflame and fry it to oblivion. The kitchen smelled like buttered chicken.

I’m sure you won’t be able to eat buttered chicken anymore after this. Heheh.


The average person has an average attention span of around 20 minutes. That’s why I’m writing snippets today. I’m writing for myself. Heheh.


There are three things a blogger should have:

  • A word processor that has a live wordcount
  • A great, speedy browser
  • A Blogspot/Blogger account. rocks!


If you want to earn from your search engine crawling, you better get or Homepages Friends accounts. They pay you for making searches.

If you want to earn through forum posting, is the best way to go. I started quite a few fights on there. Heheh.

If you want to talk more about gadgets, try Like Friendster for geeks!


Tomorrow: Reasons why I would love to play RF Online.

See ya!


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