I Think I Likey: RF Online… Really?

As I posted the other day, while I might not totally like gaming, I would still give RF Online a shot, if only for the graphics and the music.

I told you, I like the concept. There’s rich history, sociology and psychology in the storyline. However, in a game, the storyline really doesn’t play out much. You’re just there, enjoying the game.

According to this review, Greg Mueller thinks that RF Online isn’t really all that great, but the music is good.

I have to agree.

Even through the excruciating download, which I even slept through, I was able to get some of Rising Force Online’s soundtrack clips.

Like any MMORPG, you’d expect that the songs are dreamy. It’s expected to have a fantasy feel, like you’re walking on clouds or something.

The first time I started to appreciate MMORPG music was when my beloved (chika) housemate introduced the stuff to me one idyllic afternoon (or was that evening?) when we had nothing better to do than consume the available oxygen in our boarding house.

Since then, I realized that there may be potential to this genre of music after all.

The thing is, RF Online isn’t about music alone. Of course I would have to figure out having to go through all those crazy moves, and as you might know me by now…

I can’t do anything else but Pac-Man and Spooky Castle.


So there’s the rub, right?

But if you want to find out the virtues of Rising Force Online, get it from this guy.

But in my opinion, these are RFO’s biggest selling points:

  • Great graphics, where there are graphics (Greg says there are boring points and plain landscapes. 😦 )
  • Great music.
  • Great downloads.
  • Great storyline.
  • It’s free.

From an outsider’s point of view, RFO has its virtues. I think all Codemasters Online has to do is to improve on these spots Greg Mueller mentioned, get better hosting, and they’re good to go.

How bout you, what do you think?


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