Cabal classes: Blader, Force Blader

Like every MMORPG, Cabal Online lets you choose a class for you character which basically maps out your character’s career. Each class would have its own advantages and disadvantages so there is no such thing as the ‘best class’. Your enjoyment largely depends on your own playing style and you are likely to have more fun if you pick a class that corresponds with your own gaming preferrences. This guide will detail each the pros and cons of each class and how each class appeals to a certain style of play.


Bladers are Cabal Online’s fastest attackers. They are like assassins or rogues in other MMORPGs. Bladers can wield two katanas or blades and wear martial suits. The advantages of playing a blader is that leveling is quick and safe because they attack quickly and they never get hit. High attack rates and high damage output makes bladers a popular choice among players.

In fact, the popularity of bladers is actually one of the disadvantages. There are lots of bladers in Cabal Online. As any of you who have played an MMORPG before would know, being quick and unhittable is very appealing to many players. Of course, like all of the blader’s analogs in other MMORPGs, the problem is fighting players. Most players have enough hit rate to consistently pierce through the blader’s high defense rate and because bladers focus on dodging attacks, they have very few hit points. Bladers have no trouble dispatching of classes with fewer hit points, however. Because of the insane attack rate, bladers cleave through wizards once they get up close. Most mobs do not last long with the Blade Scud skill and Assault can quickly close the gap between a ranged character and being chopped to pieces.

Force Blader

Force Bladers are kind of unique to Cabal Online, mainly because other MMORPGs do not have such a blatantly balanced character in terms of magic and physical attacks. Force bladers are literal jacks of all trades, masters of none. A force blader is good for players who enjoy being versatile. If an enemy is far, force bladers can zap them with magic. If the enemy gets closer, force bladers chop them up with sword skills.

Force Bladers are actually notable for utility skills. Many force blader skills increase critical hits such as Lightning Blade and they have a wide selection of negative buffs such as Execration. The main disadvantage of playing a force blader is tedius leveling, which is tedious enough in any MMORPG. Because force bladers depend on both magic and sword skills, leveling both is exteremely important, so they are expected to perform really well at higher levels. However, this pays off by being very versatile. It is said that only the most experienced players in Cabal Online can use force bladers effectively because they usually have a foil for any class but a quick mind and quick fingers are needed.

Here concludes the first part of Pick Your Poison. Next time, we will cover the toughest classes in Cabal Online: the warrior and the force shielder. Until then.

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