Rohan Online Class Guides: Dekan Dragon Fighter

Here is my Dekan Dragon Fighter Guide:

The HP Bomber

The HP Bomber is a build that is simple and effective for easy solo leveling during the early levels, which is something everyone could appreciate in Rohan Online. It also has good PvP potential as well as PvE, a balance that shines in any MMORPG. This guide, however covers only from level 1-50, but it can potentially work for both Dragon Knight and Dragon Sage.

There are two approaches. You can just invest all points to vit or raise str to 40 by putting 1 point to str every level and putting everything else to vit. Dex doesn’t need to be high, but not totally ignored. Try putting 1 to 2 points every 5 levels. At level 50, dex at more or less 40 is quite sufficient to get by.

You would want to prioritize on physical and/or magical defese bonuses so get armor. High resisitance bonuses can be gotten from accessories. If you consider stat bonuses always prioritize vit. Str is nice, but if it is a choice between two items with the same bonuses exept one raises str and one raises vit, pick vit because as you may have noticed by now, vit and defense are the focus of this build.

Important Skills:
Health Funnel: Keeping your HP up is essential to maintain Forefoot Swing’s damage output. Max this.

Forefoot Swing (FFS): This skill is where your damage will come from. High vit means dealing high damage with this skill, which is why you need lots of hp. Use this with health funnel to keep casting Forefoot Swing “hp bombs” and besides, as long as you have hp, you can’t die. FFS never misses, which is why you don’t need much dex.

Dragon’s Power: A prerequisite for FFS, but in any case is a good buff to have on in a fight so no reason to not cast it on yourself. After you max out FFS, max this next.

Health to Mana: You just need rank 1 of this because your mana pool is small and your hp pool is huge. Casting this a few times will be enough to fill your mana and you can then cycle that with Mana to Health to replenish both mana and health faster than by sitting and without needing potions.

Micellaneous Skills:
Elemental Imbue: Just pick one and invest one point and no more. These buffs eat up your mana constantly, which is better off being used for your more important skills. The bonus damage from Elemental Imbus skills are nothing compared to the damage you’ll deal with FFS. But since you have to pick one anyway, just get blaze or dark to help you through the first few levels. Later, it’s just too meager to be necessary, and it will just expend your mana.

Taunt: Another skill you need to get to proceed up the skill tree. Pretty useful anyway, because in parties you can use it to keep monsters away from more fragile party mates.

Dragon’s Tail: A prerequisite skill for Health Funnel. Actually, 1 point is enough. You’d notice that its damage isn’t really bad, but compared to FFS it’s smaller so you’re better off spending your mana for FFS. In any case, max this or don’t max it, but max FFS first.

Mana to Health: You just need 1 point of this. Remember to cycle it with Health to Mana to regenerate your hp and mp quickly. Actually you can opt not to get it at all, but for one skill point it’s useful early on when you don’t have Health Funnel.


Using this build is a bit more complicated than just spamming skills. As you engage a monster, buff yourself with Dragon’s Power. Use FFS. You can use Dragon’s Tail if you want. If you run low on hp, use F1 to target yourself and cast Health Funnel because you need to target yourself with it for it to work. Just attack the monster with physical attacks until FFS cools down. Lather, rince , repeat. Keep an eye on your hp. If you’re getting damaged too much, refrain from using FFS as much. Use Health to Mana whenever you have a quarter of MP left, and Mana to Health to push your hp up once in a while. When the battle’s done, just cycle Health to Mana and Mana to Health and then you’re ready for the next mob.

-This build can handle mobs of 2-3 comprised of monsters 2-3 levels above your current level. You can obviously mob more monsters of level lower than that. You’ll never need to pause fighting very long because of the hp/mp replenishing cycle and you’ll only need to use potions in dire emergencies.
– Nevertheless, you are not invincible, though it might seem that you are many times. Don’t rush into impossible mobs. Feel out what you can handle because too many monsters can outrun the cooldown of Health Funnel. Play smart and don’t spam FFS recklessly without keeping an eye on your health. That said, you’re still tough as nails. Lots and lots of hp means that even if things get tight, you’ll have enough life to run.
– You can play the support role quite handsomely because you are a tank in the purest sense of the word. Party up with characters with better damage output and let them do the hurting while you just stand there and let the monsters tickle you. Just keep in mind that it’s probably a better idea to cast FFS less and shift your attention to maintaining your health up.

Because the stats can potentially allow for either Dragon Knight or Dragon Sage, progression is really up to you. Maybe you can get a stat reset if that feature becomes available. For level 1-50, you won’t really need to worry because this build is pretty solid for a variety of roles, solo or in a party. Enjoy Rohan Online.

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