Rohan Online Guild Guide

Rohan Online’s guild system is not very different from most MMORPGs. Basically, you have a group of people that band together and have an emblem or a name for them to represent. In any case, guilds still serve the same purpose, which is for players to have a sense of camaraderie.
To make a guild, you have to be at least level thirty. It would also be helpful if you prepared two million crones and thirty sweetfishes.

The quests are long and tedious, but hardly difficult. Start out at the Yarrow Forest bindstones. You won’t even register the quest if you’re not level thirty or above. The first part is to kill twenty Orc Warriors. Simple enough: they’re just a few steps away from the quest start point.
The next leg of the quests is to find three tombstones. One is just north of Birch Tower. One is at the left of a statue at the Temple of Silva. The last one is at a wooden pier at Ehres Harbor. After finding this third tombstone, you’ll be given a scroll. Give this to Zibrian at Ehres Harbor to finish this rung.

Zibrian will ask you to check out four caves. You’ll satify the requirements of this quest by opening a chest near the entrance of each cave. You’ll find Akhma Cave on the left, when you enter the Bloodsouls room. You’ll find the Crystal Quarry on the right side of the first 4-way intersection you’ll see venturing from the entrance. Lauke’s Monastery’s cave is through a door to the left side of its boss, after turning right at the first fork. Finally, Caronia’s Tomb is just past the mob of eye monsters. Go left at the fork, then left again to some soldiers with flaming swords. The chest is just beyond them. Report to Zibrian after. He’ll then ask you to fish for twenty sweetfish. You can fish for them, but it’ll be easier if you just procure them somehow earlier on. Cash the quest in at Robert.

Robert will ask you to kill mobs. Twenty Stone Golems and twenty Iron Enigma within an hour. It’s a lot easier to have a party help you out. After finishing this rung at Einhoren, you will be instructed by Margaret to go to Chaahti, who doesn’t register on the map as a yellow dot. You really have to find him. He’s somewhere at the Liom map. He’ll ask you to kill the boss at Spiritual Heaven, then you’re done!

You can now go to a town and talk to the Guild Master. Simply choose the “I want to form a Guild” option, enter the guild name you want, and pay the two-million-crone guild fee.
A Rohan guild can have up to 1023 players, and developing a guild can have a lot of good bonuses including experience for low-level members and crone for high-level members via Rohan’s taxation system. Of course, the Township Wars allows you to expand your turf by massacring other players. Most importantly, guilds give access to skill resets.

Finally, here are the guild ranks:

Guild ranks:
Rank 10: Grand Duke
Rank 9: Duke
Rank 8: Marquis
Rank 7: Count
Rank 6: Viscount
Rank 5: Baron
Rank 4: Baronet
Rank 3: Knight
Rank 2: Officer
Rank 1: Soldier

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