Bluetooth: A Phone Function You Should Learn to Maximize!

Bluetooth makes a person’s life easy.

When it comes to transferring files back and forth through machines, the best way to go would be through a Local Area Network or (LAN) connection. If you don’t have that, the next best way would be to use a thumb drive and manually transfer your files, as what can be fit on, and ferried back and forth from, your USB thumb drive. However, if you’re in need of your files to-go, portable, and accessible wherever you are without a laptop or even just a netbook, you may as well exploit your snazzy 3G phone to the maximum.

If you thought that Bluetooth file transfer is just to swap files between phones, it’s actually another way to help keep you literally in sync with your computer, even as you travel.

If you have a 3G phone, complete with mobile connectivity, bluetooth can help save your day in quite a few ways:

1. Portable Files Your Problem:
You’re going on field work, and you need to be able to bring a few office files with you.

How Bluetooth Can Help:
If your laptop has bluetooth connectivity, you can just bluetooth your office files on your 3G phone, and if your phone supports it, you can read your documents from there.

2. Mobile Internet Your Problem:
You have to send your boss (or your teacher) an email (or email him your project) ASAP, and there is no WiMax, no WiFi in the area where you are at.

How Bluetooth Can Help:
Use your 3G phone to connect to the Internet. Most 3G phones allow computers to access the Internet through your phone via bluetooth modem functions.

3. Syncing Contacts Your Problem:
You just bought a new phone, and you just have no time to manually transfer your contacts from your Mac or PC-based address book to your phone address.

How Bluetooth Can Help:
Most 3G handsets can sync between Mac/PC and phone, and it only takes around 5 to 10 minutes to completely copy your contacts to your new phone. The only thing you need to do is figure out how to pair your computer with your phone, then you can leave your phone alone to sync with your computer while you do something more important.

If you also don’t have an iPod, a phone is a great way to bring around your media files. Thanks to bluetooth synchronization technology, transferring your media files from computer to phone is a no-brainer.

Bluetooth is one nifty function that a lot of phone users just neglect. But once you learn how to use it, you can actually save yourself a lot of time and pain, if you make use of the life-easing functions of your phone’s bluetooth.

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