Addictive Slicing: Trauma Center for Nintendo DS

If you thought that having the Nintendo DS is a complete waste of money and time, think again.

There are games on the market that would not just challenge you. For certain types of people, they could actually be helpful.

One such game for the Nintendo DS is “Trauma Center” series.

The “Trauma Center” game is a game of skill that requires a gamer’s reflexes to be quite quick, and his brain to be as fast, in figuring out what needs to be done. It is a surgery game that not only helps the gamer understand the importance of antibiotics, it also helps a gamer understand the importance of following the steps in “executing a perfect surgery.”

This game is not only for frustrated surgeons. This game may even be helpful to medical students, as they get to practice their vocation in a less-pressure arena. If you make a wrong cut, no one dies literally.

Practicing one’s dexterity on the Nintendo DS sure would help a person’s reflexes get quicker, as well as would help him fine-tune his fine motor skills. Hand to eye coordination gets developed, and quick thinking is surely sharpened.

The Trauma Center series is a very addictive game. Just taking those “cancerous tumors” out gives this extreme pleasure and satisfaction that gets you hooked for hours just slicing and dragging those pesky monstrosities out of the “organs” you are “operating” on.

If you are looking to spend hours upon hours learning how to obliterate bacteria, cancer cells, and the like, or if you just get a perverse addiction to slathering “antibiotic ointment” to your “patient’s organs” after every operation, Nintendo DS’ “Trauma Center” promises hours upon hours of getting lost in the world of surgery: perfect for a long trip or an idle afternoon.


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