Amazing Possibilities: Touch Screen Technology

Touch Screen devices abound in the market today. From music players like the iPod Touch down to mobile phones, and even tablet laptop computers and tablet netbook computers, the Touch Screen device is becoming a staple in the tech industry. What sets the Touch Screen device apart and why does it have the degree of appeal that it does?

Touch Screen technology is actually quite old. With the first crude version being invented in 1971 by the University of Ketucky instructor Dr. Sam Hurst, and the first-ever touch screen perfected in 1974, it’s taken quite a while for the rest of the tech market to catch on and see the potential of this technology. Nonetheless, it seems like the consumer tech industry has finally realized that there is a world that could benefit from the touch screen device, and countries like China are now exploiting this technology tremendously.

From the button-navigated systems that are more widespread in use, touch screens offer a bigger convenience to the end-user. A touch screen phone gives the user functionality that another type of phone would never allow him: touching the screen directly to make selections, choose options, configure the use of the phone, surely saves one’s precious time and brain cells by simplifying the navigation and even configuration of these devices. No more figuring out which buttons to press! Just press the screen to get to where you want to go!

On a laptop computer, touch screens also give a graphics-based professional the dexterity that a mouse or even a trackpad, even a drawing tablet could offer. Even if you get really good with the mouse, nothing replaces the tactile precision of drawing directly on paper. Even if tablet graphic design tools actually have shadows of what you need to edit on its “screen,” you’d still crave the tangibility of working with a full-color, full-graphic-glory tablet computer with a touch screen.

Wacom, the global leader in tablet tools, has a line of touch-screen tablets that you could use with your PC or Mac. The great part: amazing pressure sensitivity means more precision in your graphics work. The sad part, you’d be better off buying a full-feature tablet netbook, even a tablet laptop. These are better options because they offer versatility.

And who could forget the mention of the iPod Touch and the iPhone. Since these are from Apple Inc., the Apple fanboys surely helped make these popular. But above the versatility of their use: from PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) to mp3 player to video player, video game gadget, and even a portable web browser, these two machines pack a bigger punch in their small bodies. If you want the ability to call and text with your web browser, PDA, portable game console and media player, get an iPhone. If you just want a life organizer and portable fun buddy, get an iPod Touch.

There is no telling what the future holds, with touch screen technology in our midst. All we know is, with just your fingers and an iPod Touch, you can surely go around the world in ten minutes.

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