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Granado Espada is an MMORPG fantasy game created by IMC and had distinguished itself by its MCC “Multiple Character Control” system. Instead of only using one character at a time, MCC system allows a player to control up to three characters simultaneously. Controlling three characters simultaneously will be easy at a basic level through the help of the XAI “Xtreme Artificial Intelligence” developed in Granado Espada, making the MCC system effective on both beginners and pro players. With the MCC, you can use a variety of skill set by the combination of characters which best suits your strategic style of play. Granado Espada has also a unique family system which allows you to create an entire family. All your characters will carry a common family name which you’ll decide at the start of the game.

As your family progresses through the game you may as well recruit some NPCs, allowing you to choose on a multitude of strategic combination using the MCC team. RNPCs “Recruitable Non-Player Characters” you meet in Granado Espada will offer to join your family after completing a certain quest for them. Different characters have their own ‘stances’ and that includes different action modes and skill-set that you may assign to each character.

This game is set during the time period of the Age of Exploration and revolves around the newfound continent Granado Espada. The continent was discovered by an explorer named Ferrucio Espada which is an Oporuto (a country in the old world Opresia). Oporuto spent all their economic resources to develop the new world, but leaving their country to debts. A nearby country Vespanola relieved Oporuto’s debts, and in the process takes possession of all their holdings in Opresia and Granado Espada. After the annexation, the Brestia surprised attack Vespanola resulting to the brutal conflict known as “The Three-Year War”. Vespanola defeated Brestia, after the war Vespanola ignored its interest in Granado Espada and created the Wartime Nobility (a new class of social elite).

Due to the uprising control problem in Granado Esapada and the Noble’s stemming social strife, the Queen issued the “Reconquista Policy” urging adventurous Vespanolan families to migrate to Granado Espada and retake the land for the Queen and country. You’ll find out more of the story in-game by doing various quests for the NPCs.

The game begins with your family, now it’s up to you to find power, fortune, and glory to conquer Granado Espada once more.

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