Granado Espada – Scout

You will first need to create your family before you can start your journey in the New World. Your family name will be your identity throughout the game and all your characters will carry a common family name in Granado Espada. After creating your Granado Espada family, you will need to build a character from the initial five stock model characters: Scout, Fighter, Musketeer, Wizard, and Elementalist.


As your family progresses through the game you will be able to recruit NPCs, but the action starts from these stock characters.These characters start at level 1 with several stances and personal skills. These stances have varying level and equipment dependencies, but each stance’s level is independent from a character’s level. As the character levels a stance they gain skill points and increase the stance stat bonuses. When the characters reach level 100 they can be promoted to Veterans and gain access to an even more powerful stances, and later on they can move to become Experts (level 110 – 120) and Masters (level 120 and above). __________________________________________________________________________________


Character Stats:
AGI – 70
HP– 50
DEX – 70
INT – 50
CHA – 30
Scouts are extremely quick, able to support and assist in battle.
Although they can wield small daggers, they are best used in acomplimentary role to the main attackers. Scouts have Healing which is their personal skill and they can also buff, resurrect, set traps and can detect.
Scout Stances (based on equipped item):
None – Install Trap, First Aid, Fortitudo, Tactical Assistance (Veteran), Enhanced Tactics (Expert)
Dagger – Escrima, Arnis (Veteran)
Dagger+Dagger – Doblada Corte

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