Granado Espada – Fighter

Granado Espada - Fighter, Games, Online Games, Video Games

Character Stats:

STR – 60
AGI – 60
HP – 60
DEX – 60
INT – 30
CHA – 30

In Granado Espada, the Fighter class is typically the front line of a team.  They are able to wear heavy armor and can endure excessive amount of damage due to their high HP – making them an efficient tank. Being the most versatile class, fighters can learn stances to increase their attack or defense capability as they are armed with a large arsenal of weapons like swords, daggers, rapiers, blunt weapons, polearms, and even pistols.

Fighters have the Provoke skill, which is used to draw monsters (mobs) towards them and away from your allies.  Granado Espada’s dungeons are filled with swarms of monsters making Fighters a very valuable character class.

(based on equipped weapon)

None – Bareknuckle
Dagger – Escrima
Sabre – Middle Guard, Low Guard (Veteran)
Rapier – Epee Garde
Rapier+Pistol – Avance Garde (Veteran)
Blunt+Shield – Defender (Veteran)
Sword – Equites (Expert)
Sword+Shield – High Guard
Sword/Blunt+Shield – Back Guard
Sword+Sword – Hack and Slash
Sword+Pistol – Heaven or Hell
Great Sword – Plow Guard, Roof Guard, Sidewinder (Veteran), Hanging Guard (Expert)
Polearm – Blandir Cruz, Mighty Cruz (Veteran), Tronada Cruz (Expert)
Javelin+Shield – Stave Guard
Pistol – Freestyle Shot
Pistol+Pistol – Double-Gun Shot


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