Granado Espada – Musketeer

Character Stats:

STR – 50
AGI – 60
HP – 50
DEX – 80
INT – 30
CHA – 30

In Granado Espada, the musketeers are the ranged class and they have the most powerful single attack in the game, able to deal extensive damage to ground or flying enemies. They are armed with Rifles or Pistols; Rifles are slow but very deadly, on the other hand Pistols are much weaker in damage but makes up for it with speed.

Musketeers also have the Concentration skill which increases their accuracy, critical rate and attack rating. This makes musketeers a an even deadlier opponent.

(based on equipped weapon)

None – Bareknuckle
Rifle/Bayonet – Standing Shot, Kneeling Shot, Flintlock, Flintlock (Expert)
Bayonet – Encounter Shot/Close Encounters (Veteran)
Pistol – Aiming Shot, Freestyle Shot, Sight Shot (Veteran)
Piston+Pistol – Double-Gun Shot, Outrage Shot (Veteran)


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