Granado Espada – Wizard

Granado Espada - Wizard, Games, Online Games, Video Games
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Character Stats:

AGI – 50
HP – 40
DEX – 40
INT – 70
CHA – 70

The Wizard class in Granado Espada has the best of both ends of the magic spectrum; they are able to use both offensive and defensive magic. Developing their stances allows them to be a buff specialist or powerful psychic force manipulator, you can choose to concentrate on either one or train both aspects concurrently. When they reach level 60 they can learn the Levitation stance. This allows them to float in the air to attack enemies and makes them immune to ground attacks.

The Wizard class has the Energy Shield skill which they can use to reflect damage back to attackers and convert a percentage of HP damage to SP damage.

(based on equipped weapon)

None – Bareknuckle
Rod / Staff / Special Rod – Psychokinesis
Rod – ESP, Incantation (Veteran)
Staff – Anathema (Veteran)
Staff /Special Rod / Rod / Staff – Illusionist
Special Rod – Levitation, Darkness (Expert)

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