Granado Espada Stance List

Granado Espada Stance List, Games, Online Games, Video Games

Here is the complete Stance list in relation to character promotion:

Back Guard
Bareknuckle Bareknuckle (special)
Blandir Cruz
Book of Earth
Book of Fire
Book of Ice
Book of Mind
Book of Wind
Defending Guard
Dobalada Corte (Corte Duplicado)
Dobalada Corte (Corte Duplicado) (Scout)
Epee Garde
Epee Garde of Grim
Escrima Escrima (Scout)
Grim Guard Hack and Slash
High Guard Main-gauche Garde
Main-gauche Garde of Grim Middle Guard
Middle Guard of Spirit (Asoka)
Middle Guard of Spirit (Mifuyu)
Novice Guard Penetrar Cruz
Plow Guard
Roof Guard
Sabre Garde
Tail Guard
Twin Blades
Twin Blades of Spirit (Asoka)
Twin Blades of Spirit (Mifuyu)
Aggressive Shot (Targan Shot)
Aiming Shot
Defending Shot
Double-Guns Shot
Freestyle Shot
Hunting Blaster
Inroad Shot (Straight Shot)
Kneeling Shot
Novice Marksmanship
Shotgun Blaster
Siege Burst
Standing Shot
Evocation Fire
Evocation Ice
Evocation Lightning
Lord of Elemental
Possession Fire
Possession Ice
Possession Lightning

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