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Developed by Firaxis Games, this game is the second entry in the X-COM reboot series. XCOM 2 is categorized and played as a turn-based tactics video game. Published by 2K Games, the game was first available in February 2006 for Microsoft Windows, OS X & Linux users. The later installments released in September 2016 was made compatible for users of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. This dual playing game has more room for enjoyment because it has full functionality on both single-player and multiplayer modes.

XCOM 2 runs on the Unreal Engine 3.5 which is the latest engine in the X-COM series. One of the most appealing features about this game is the way it manipulates and fully takes charge of futuristic technology. Set in the year 2035, XCOM 2 has a humans vs. aliens feel. The story unfolds as Bradford spearheads the raid on an ADVENT gene bank. The raid is successful and the Chief Commander is rescued and freed from stasis. Upon arrival at the XCOM headquarters, the Commander meets ADVENT’s spokesman who explains to him that his brain was invaded during stasis and used as a distribution to the aliens’ battle simulator. To be honest, the story is not exactly an original as there are similar traits to movies and other games. However, the angle and story direction add a unique twist.

There are great quests that need the use of brainstorming and a lot of forward thinking. XCOM 2 displays a great deal of fun and educational purpose as the raiders come across Project Avatar and have to put the pieces of the puzzle together. As the game develops, the heroes get to realize that they need to defeat the aliens in order for humanity to come out of hiding and lead normal lives once again.

Another striking feature that is unique to the X-COM installment is the guerilla nature. The battle is that of aliens vs. humans. Since its set in the future, aliens have technology that trumps what humans find themselves stuck with. Hence humans resort to guerilla warfare in the sense that they have to use ‘outdated weaponry.’

Needless to say XCOM 2 takes and borrows from its predecessors. This game is not alienated and actually plays around ideas and features that have been used before. There is synchrony with the other X-COM games. The X-COM headquarters (The Avenger) where Commander is taken, which ultimately becomes the player’s base is easily recognized as a landscape from UFO: Enemy Unknown. What is unique to this game though is inability to interchangeably use combat and stealth. In XCOM 2, players can either complete their challenges with stealth or use stealth as combat replacement. However, it is not possible to use both stealth and combat.

In a nutshell, XCOM 2 is currently one of the best games in the market. It is an improvement from those previously released. Of course, there’s always room for improvement. The most noteworthy improvement can come in the form of enhanced graphics and performance levels for computer gamers. Other than that, XCOM 2 is worth checking out.

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