God of War 4 preview

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Kratos! I used to like this dude while playing the God of War series. That rage and thirst for blood made him look like a rage-driven killing machine. I was astonished when I first met the scar-faced Kratos in my PS2 game. Back then, I was in love with his character and couldn’t get myself off the pad. I was in high school, so, I had a lot of time to spend sitting my ass in front of the screen. When I finished the first installment, I couldn’t wait for the sequel and when it finally came out, Ooh boy, how cool was it! Kratos was still that killing machine. Although little had changed in terms of graphics since it was still on the same platform, the thrill was still good.

In 2010, the third sequel got released and this God of War was supposed to be special. I had my PS3 and this was it. Finally getting Kratos in action on a PS3. Well, to my surprise, I wasn’t that much fond of the character. I found myself complaining about how much of an asshole Kratos was. I felt exhaustion with the character. He wasn’t that dude I liked spending time with. He was that douchebag who messed up everybody’s life only to learn nothing. I mean the entire series, this jerk has been pissing on everyone yet he never changes for better or worse. What the heck! He is the one who made the deal with the Gods that led him to kill his own wife and daughter. Yet, he fights and kills each living thing he comes across. Douchebag you can say. Well, upon examining myself, I realized the missing puzzle leading to my rage. I have grown. And, as I grow, I want to see the things around me grow or change. However, this hasn’t happened with my longtime buddy Kratos. The idiot hasn’t changed ever since we first got introduced—still that same monstrous jerk.

However, I still played and finished the third installation of God of War. It looks like Sony heard my prayers. Upon the release of the 10 minutes demo gameplay of God of War 4 at the Sony E3 press conference, my excitement got revamped. I mean, really got awakened. This is something I had been waiting for. The return of Barlog as the creative director serves well. The game looks sick and amazing. The graphics are on point, and hell yeah we are in for a treat! My concerns over the past years have finally been addressed. Kratos’ character is taking a swing in the new instalment. Apparently set within Norse mythology, not within the usual Greek world, Kratos has a companion, a son, his son to be precise. We have yet to find out how he survived his own suicide from the cliffhanger of God of War 3 and how he got to be in this land. Anyway, let’s forget about that for now as it will probably be addressed when the game is released. In this demo, our action hero is accompanied by his son, who apparently will be translating and reading signs for his father since Kratos is not from this hood. At one point, Kratos is teaching the boy how to kill. But the boy seems to resist some of his father’s brutal teachings stating “it ain’t right.” Yes! Finally, we have someone who can dig deep down this monster to check if there is any humanity left in him. The kid will probably play an important role in transforming the character of Kratos into something that we all can emotionally connect with. “The road ahead is long and unforgiving, no place for a boy, you must be a warrior.” Damn, cannot wait for this. Kratos trying to bake his own image out of a naïve soft-hearted boy who responds by saying; “But…not everyone is bad, mother always said be open to those who can help.” I mean, this is a mama’s boy who is accompanying a rage-driven killing machine. How much interesting can this be? The storyline seems to be packed as we are also introduced to some humour as we see some goofy character describing Kratos’ fighting scenes and is silenced with the ker-chunk of Kratos’ axe right next to his head. We are also exposed to some gruesome violence with Kratos cutting one of the human postured monsters in half with his axe. Whoever cleans that axe, will be busy in this coming God of War 4. I know some of the guys are boiling about the increased screenplay of Atreus (Kratos’ son). Of course, it brings a more cinematic approach when playing the game. The game makes you feel like you are in a movie. Used to being Kratos’ himself, it looks like God of War 4 will take that privilege away. All that you will do is hang around with him and his son in more of a spectator role.

Well, this is something we are bound to discover when we lay our hands on this breathtaking installment. Apart from the promising storyline, God of War 4 looks really cool in terms of graphics. The Ultra HD is always amazing but when accompanied by an action-packed game like God of War, it really takes us to another level. OMG! That serpent at the end of the Demo was freaking awesome. The graphics are well-polished and the gameplay, although not much of a hack and slash the GOW used to be, still looks cool and enjoyable. The narrative style of play will most likely be annoying considering that the character of the boy is somehow too talkative and overly

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