Call of Duty WWII

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While most of the military combat-related games are all about taking down the worst enemy, CoD takes a different approach to give the whole experience a human touch. Based on the previous versions of CoD, I can bet most of the guys jumped straight into multiplayer mode. Who can blame them considering the disappointments of CoD campaign? The multiplayer mode has always been a strong point in the previous games. Fair enough, the franchise has had its ups and downs and I remember at some point talking to one of my friends about how frustrating some missions were. There is this one thing that really annoyed me with previous installations of the game (especially in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare) and that was the one way of increasing difficulty levels, which was endless spawning. What the heck! I remember the mission at the TV station where you would find some countless fools and you would shoot them until aliens come to earth. In order to get past the mission, I had to use the wise man GOOGLE only to discover that I had to dart through the rooms to reach a magical spot before they stop.

Well, enough about the previous versions, let’s cut to the chase with the newly released CoD: WW2. It seems like the game has gone back to its roots. Well, as fans, we had asked for the game to cut the future and outer space nonsense and bring us some real shit. Call of Duty: WWII isn’t perfect but it does deliver something that we have been longing for. Just like the past iterations, the game comes in three. You would bet that this is a three in one game. It looks like this is the official root that CoD has resorted to. If you do not know, let me quickly bring you up to speed; Call of Duty has three playable modes namely the Campaign, Multiplayer, and a typical zombie type of mission. Of course, the third one is for those who like killing the already dead to keep their conscience clear. So, I decided to start with the campaign as opposed to previous installations where I would just go straight to MP mode. The campaign is a journey that you take as private Red Daniels. The opening scenes give us the highlights of how gruesome things will get as you proceed with the campaign. This is mainly highlighted when a headless soldier falls right next to you. It’s easy to label the opening scene as one of the shocking and realistic the franchise has ever produced. Moreover, it also tells you that this is no kids’ game unless if you want to raise a psycho.

Overall, the campaign takes six hours to complete and it’s accompanied with a narrative between the soldiers. The regeneration of health has been replaced by health packs. This is great as it removes that super soldier feature of running around auto-healing yourself. The packs give that real feeling and remind us how important it is to ration. There is also a show of brotherhood, teamwork, as conflicts among your team arise. All in all, the campaign is not there yet but changes made have breathed a new life into it. The MP mode has been awful over the years, competing with the likes of Battle Fields, this mode seemed to be trailing with some miles. However, this time around, the MP mode has been tweaked for the better. The headquarters has been introduced and you get to interact with other players. Although not yet up there with the top dogs of MP, Call of Duty: WWII really tried to make gameplay a classic spray and pray. Its adrenaline pumping but the maps appear to be small and congested. This makes it difficult for you to use any other weapon besides submachine guns. With all that said, it pisses me off that the MP mode can only accommodate 12 players. And so far, we only have got three maps to play. Anyway, moving on to the Zombies. Well, this mode can be scary as hell if you do not have a stomach for horror. The Nazi Zombies can be intense and with the interesting dialogue and responses of David Tennant’s character, the Sledgehammer really put an effort this time around.

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