Destiny 2 Review

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As an avid PC and console gamer, I was extremely excited for Destiny 2. I mean, who wouldn’t have been? The first game was amazing, complete with an open world, a fully-online experience, and amazing DLC (not to mention the novella that was released alongside The Taken King). I pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition and went to a local midnight release of the game. As I walked out to my car, game in hand, I thought that this was well worth the purchase, as I’d be playing it for years to come. I soon realized how big of a mistake I had made.

As I popped it in and started playing, I came to the realization that you have to grind a whole lot more in this game than you had to in the first installment. I didn’t have too much of an issue with this; I enjoy grinding quite a bit (why would I spend nearly a decade and a half playing RuneScape if I didn’t?). Besides, the loot was more than worth it, or so I thought at the time. In addition to these, I wasn’t too pleased at the fact that my character’s stats from the original wouldn’t carry over as promised.

Destiny 2 was one huge letdown from the start. The game’s release date was pushed back several times, further annoying an already disgruntled fanbase. Several promised features were dropped, such as the aforementioned carrying-over of character stats from the previous installment as well as the removal of Grimoire cards, an important feature in the original. Furthermore, Vicarious Visions joining the development team, in my opinion, hindered the game’s success even more. Also, what’s with Curse of Osiris and the plethora of issues with its release? That alone almost makes me uninterested in the second expansion that’s to come in a couple months.

However, the game isn’t entirely awful (I mean, we aren’t talking about the absolute disaster that was Fable 3, are we?). The writing staff is superb, with talents such as Christopher Schlerf, the lead writer for Halo 4 and a contributor on Mass Effect: Andromeda. The design team significantly improved upon the graphics of the first game, a feat that was surely hard to accomplish. And really, who can say they didn’t like the many improved multiplayer functionalities?

However, most of these pale in comparison to the first installment. The original Destiny was written primarily by Joseph Staten, a one-man linguistic powerhouse. The DLCs, as stated above, were amazing. Each new DLC certainly topped the last. The best (and possibly the most interesting) of all? Paul FREAKIN’ McCartney was a composer, an amazing one at that.

All in all, the game has significantly more downs than ups. Destiny 2 is certainly an acquired taste, and many newcomers to the series will likely be turned off by the many shortcomings of the game. However, this is just one opinion; the game got an average of 85/100, so I suppose SOMEONE had to like it. Regardless, if you like excessive grinding and disappointments from the developers (not to mention the utter mess that is Vicarious Visions), then this is certainly the game for you.

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