Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Game Review

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So, folks, I managed to get time to play the new Resident Evil game. I had purchased the game some time ago, however, due to Assassin’s Creed, I kept on procrastinating. My apologies to Resident Evil goons for being a disloyal b***. Well, they say the gamer’s hand are like the eyes of a playboy…I am sure we are set now, so I will get on with my review. So, the first thing to knock me off my feet was the amazing sound quality. Usually, the developers seem to hold back on the level of sound effects. But when it comes to the 7th installation, it seems like the developers read all my concerns and took them into consideration.

How do I even put this in writing and still be able to explain my true feelings? The first 20 minutes of the game ha me all up in my feelings. I mean, hey, I am an organized person and would like to think that I always maintain a certain level of sanity when gaming. Resident Evil 7 got me terrified. Think about being terrified on a horror level. By the time I hit 20mins I had created a clear path between my screen and the couch. I won’t lie, Resident Evil 7 did take some huge risks when developing this. Of course, some of their risks fall flat while others succeed.

The game presents a first-person experience that takes the gamer into a survival-horror adventure. The exploration is composed of a tense atmosphere. I can safely say that together with the sound effects, the atmosphere makes one of the strongest features in Resident Evil 7 thanks to the eerie Dulvey plantation.

One thing that I always loved about the previous installations of this game is the storyline. However, that part has long gone. I knocked myself off with laughter when I tried to show enthusiasm for the storyline. I mean, before attempting to play this game, I first read a number of reviews. They were a lot of goons that were ass-licking the game’s story, praising how it unfolds. Just piss-off! Honestly, if you ever played the real Resident Evil game, then you will know that the storyline of the new installation is bull. It’s ok if you don’t give a sh*t about the storyline. You are likely going to enjoy the game. But, some of us want to be more engaged and are rooted in the origins of the game. Problem with the story is that you do not have the freedom of making a key decision. There is no in-depth storyline, all that you get is a load of gore.

For those who don’t give a damn about the story, well, the game is great. Cool features such as playing on VR surely enhance the experience and as I mentioned before, the tense gameplay will also scare the hell out of you.

One might say I am just venting, but my main issue with Resident Evil 7 is that it has got nothing that resembles the house of RE titled games. Although that VR experience is amazing, the co-op and online modes are not available. There is no option of getting out of that first person mode, it is freaking forced upon you. It makes the whole setup feel cheesy and disoriented. The game is about zombies, yet you find none. I know it’s a new direction, but it has got nothing to do with what the original fans want. The title of the game was promising but it turns out fans had their hopes raised too high for fluff.

I understand that Capcom wanted to introduce gore horror, but ditching the traditional fear based type of horror used in the previous Resident Evil titles wasn’t balls. The problem with the game is that it failed to negotiate the curve and took a hard turn. The convoluted, undeveloped and irrelevant story is a turnoff for any RE fan. Moreover, introducing the first person was a good idea, but forcing the feature on everyone turned out to be bizarre. Not everyone likes to see their gun bobbing up and down, it sucks and disheartens playing.

I won’t crush the game that much as it really did try to improve in terms of graphics and incorporation of VR. To be honest, it scared the pants off me. But for the most part, it felt like I wasn’t playing a game with RE on its title. I didn’t find the obstructions interesting as I could easily stumble upon solutions more often without employing any sort of skill or real problem-solving technique. Implementing a broader variety of enemies and scenes to encounter them in would have added some spice to the scary side of Resident Evil 7. Anyway, the game is out. What can we do other than enjoy what is enjoyable and hope the developers hear the war cry of their fans? At the moment, hope is one thing that RE fans can hold on to as the game seem to be drifting off the track.

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