Devil May Cry 5: Is it Happening?

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Is it Devil May Cry or it should be Devil Might-be Sleeping? It’s been a while since the fans have been waiting for the new installation of DMC. To be precise, four good years have gone by since Capcom made an entry in the DMC franchise. Fans are becoming restless wondering when the next installation will be released. I mean, the word hope can only take a man so far. Reports concerning the game have been virtually nonexistent, and even though a few still appear, they are less encouraging. You can take for instance the performance of the latest DMC entry in regards to sales. The entry under-performed thus leading to Capcom publicly declaring their lack of interest in the continuity of the franchise. It came to a point that I even started to wonder if I had witnessed the last of Dante’s demon-slaying skills.

However, it turns out, even when it comes to games, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, the release of Devil May Cry 5 looks set to happen. There are a number of strong reasons that I will mention below that point to this fact (it’s all about being optimistic right). First of all, I know most of you played DMC: Devil May Cry, as well as Devil May Cry 4 published in 2015. But few of you knew that these games were simply re-releases. Anyway, most of us enjoy the hacking of demons and give no jack-ass to what lies behind the scenes. The financial success demonstrated by these re-releases meant that it would take a dumb company to ignore the possibility of continuing the game series. Capcom, sure as hell isn’t dumb. With that said, the DMC fans were left optimistic.

To skyrocket the excitement, in October 2015, Capcom included Devil May Cry in their financial annual breakdown in the company’s Integrated Report. Devil May Cry 5 seemed to be a sure thing by then as it was listed under the category for future releases beyond the fiscal year. Although this might not have been a nailing point since things drastically change within the gaming industry, the fact that other games (Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Dead Rising) listed under the same category got released escalated the possibility of a new release. To be honest, the excitement building in me following the possibility of Devil May Cry 5 release is equivalent to the one I might have received had it been released years back.

To spice up things, Norwegian voice actor Nils Hognestad listed Devil May Cry 5 in his resume. I mean, who lists something that hasn’t happened in their resume? So, according to his listing of the Devil May Cry 5 in his resume, one can conclude that the developments of the game had already begun. As if that wasn’t enough, the reputable Capcom’s game developer who directed most of the Devil May Cry games hinted on his Twitter account his hopes of announcing a new game. This is a big deal in the sense that this is the main guy behind Devil May Cry 2, 3, as well as 4. So, for him to drop such a hint could mean a lot to DMC fans. I know this is heresy guys, but reality seems to be favouring the existence of Devil May Cry 5.

There is no smoke without fire. If you smell something, know that Capcom is cooking. One can never be sure unless and until the game is officially announced. However, as of now, a lot of signals are pointing to the possibility of Devil May Cry 5. Thus, fans should keep their hopes high and expect the next entry sooner than later.


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