Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Review

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It takes a good action game with few flaws for one to discover how much of an action fan they are. The first installation of Devil May Cry was pretty amazing. The game had everything that as a boy I wished to experience in an action-packed game. My first encounter with the initial entry was amazing, trying to perfect my abilities through frame-by-frame combat. The game was a real testament to how the sequence would go on to define the genre. With that said, I was looking forward to the next release.

The second entry of the game had a lot of flaws and one can simply say it was a misstep. But the awful experience would be short-lived thanks to the release of Devil May Cry 3 which by far became the best action game to date (I know, keep quiet God of War). The introduction of the fourth iteration was below par and could not meet many expectations. It really was odd for the game to downgrade in many aspects 3 years later after releasing such a sublime 3rd installation. This was one hell of bull load to most goons as it tried to introduce a new hero, as well as a campaign that had a lot of backtracking. The game was really hard to fall in love with or to endure to an extent that I had to find my way back to the previous installation. However, despite the rough veneer, there was a great action game underneath that surfaced with the release of Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition.

So, with the new pimped edition of Devil May Cry 4, fans are able to enjoy the original campaign using Dante and Nero. You can use these characters solely as Vergil or a joint story that mirrors the former split-story of Lady and Trish. Each character is unique as it comes with their own set of controls. The Legendary Dark Night mode was previously available only on the computer version. However, with the booted up Devil May Cry 4, the mode is playable from the beginning. Upon receiving the game, the Vergil was the first thing I got into, and boy, how smooth was it! So, although the game is basically the same in terms of levels and bosses, the feeling is nothing alike, all thanks to the revamped move sets. For first-timers, I know how much it sucks to get frustrated trying to get hold of the freaking controls. So, word of advice, it will help to visit the base story because the new characters don’t have an intro or an ending to cap things. However, you will like the automated controls that enable easy combos. There is also an automatic level-up function. With the latter, the game automatically selects upgrades for you.

Moving on from amateurs to veterans, what is enjoyable mostly is the turbo option that gives you a 20% boost in speed and the usual lock-on tweaks. For goons that haven’t played the game on PC, the Legendary Dark Night will be your treat folks, buckle up as this remake of Devil May Cry 4 gets about as balls-to-the-wall as it can be. This may be a remake, but it isn’t a lazy one and believe me when I say Vergil has got the best playstyle the entire series ever tossed. I mean, he is flawless, fast, flashy, and can perform some sick moves such as the trick teleporting. This move can also be utilized as a defence tactic as it can cancel attacks.

With that said, I won’t take the crown from Dante as he is still the king. He still got his five signature moves; Trickster, Sword Master, Gunslinger, Royal Guard, as well as DarkSlayer. So, with all the polished move sets of the previously lazy-ass entry, Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition presents a much enjoyable experience. Take all that and endorse it with 1080p visuals at 60fps. That is how good the reboot is and one could safely dream of a much better release when it comes to the next installment of Devil May Cry.

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