Divinity: Original Sin II

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This is one hell of a sick game that will keep you wrapped around your emotions. This game takes the cake in the category and one can safely say it is the CRPG genre pinnacle. Whatever it is that you have against RPG games, Divinity Original Sin 2 will change it the moment you start playing. Well, I am sure by now you’re wondering what’s up with the praise. Let me help you understand by just giving you one scenario that almost broke my heart to pieces. I have played games but never before had I ever been emotionally invested in a game the way I was when I played Divinity Original Sin 2.

If you played the initial instalment of the series, then your expectation of Larian’s work should already be high. His epic sequel is nothing short of a game of the year contender as it delivers something that no other RPG games have managed to up to date. So, just the other day whilst doing some errands in the game’s campaign, I got summoned to visit Gareth, a heroic colleague with a family that lives on the farm. When I got there, it was a sad experience as he was mourning the death of his parents who apparently got killed and asked me if I could help him take revenge. So, I am like what the hack, that sounds familiar and it’s something you will expect from an RPG game. Unfortunately, you never make that mistake of generalizing Larian’s work. So, with a cocky smack smile on my face and an air of undefeated confidence, I proceeded to help the guy take revenge. The first part meant I had to try and get inside the farmhouse to see if the killers were still there. However, things quickly headed south when I failed to convince the Paladins that prevented me from entering the house using dialect. So, left with no option, I just had to chop them off—yeah, gruesome, tell me about it. But it was either that or mission failed! I then proceeded to the house only to discover that the killers were innocent people that had been possessed. I thought it would be easy to release them from the spell but after searching all sorts of solutions there was no dice. Thus, I had no other option but to kill them too which is what I did. Now, it got me confused as I was struggling with adding the missing dots of this quest until I found a love letter written by the possessed woman who I had just killed. The letter was directed to one of the Paladins I had killed earlier on. So, now I could understand why the paladins were stopping me from entering the farmhouse as it was an act of love to protect the possessed ones. This scenario got stuck in my heard for days. It was so messed up that I could feel guilt chowing my insides. Something you wouldn’t expect from a game, right? Which makes it easier for anyone to become emotionally invested without noticing.

Divinity Original Sin 2 has an abundance of things to explore and enjoy. The game is full of surprises and the decision you make is likely to affect you not from a gamer’s perspective but from a human perspective. Graphically, the game is amazing. All aspects displayed on the screen speak of attention, be it an arrangement of flowers or the view of a winter dragon. Making a conversation with a stranger may seem unnecessary but it can also lead to a tale of events that are touching. Talking to animals will present a different perspective and change how you see their world. So, if you are to play this game, make sure to get a Pet Pal perk that will enable you to have animal buddies that you can make a conversation with and have 100% game experience. Although some of the failures you will experience while playing Divinity Original Sin 2 will be embarrassing, there is no shame in it as this is how you get to know more and above all, that’s where the fun comes.

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