Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Review

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, Games, Online Games, Video Games

From a father who chokes his own son to sleep to a mother who chops off the head of her enemy, then takes the head and shove it in front of her daughter’s vagina telling her to get oral sex, this game will surprise you in many ways than you can imagine. This is a sick game! Not only is it the best graphically, but also important as it is backed up by a rich story that will keep you hooked all the time. Taking things from where they were left in The New Order, Wolfenstein 2 simply becomes a dialed up round two.
Wolfenstein 2 presents a cast that is composed of likeable heroes that you are bound to get fond of and bone-chilling villains who will deliver gore acts that will leave you sick for days. One thing that Wolfenstein 2 got right from the beginning is the way it delivers the story. The voice acting is on point and will make you keep on reminding yourself that these are characters in a video game. If you think you have met gruesome villains, then I need to introduce you to General Engel. This lady is so sick such that she will tell her own daughter to kiss the head of a person she just chopped off after trying to persuade her weak daughter to behead the enemy. The heinous acts that she gleefully performs will tie hard knots in your stomach and make your blood boil. She likes to toy with her prey and is very unpredictable and merciless. I cannot recall any other terrifying villain in a game since Vaas Montenegro of Far Cry 3. Then, you meet clowns that will be shouting “Oh my God, a working motherflushing toilet.” After playing Wolfenstein 2, I couldn’t dare dream of a world ruled by the Nazis. During the first ten minutes of the game, you get introduced to BJ’s father, a pure racist that choke his son for playing with a black girl. BJ’s father goes on to cold-bloodedly murder his son’s dog.
Characters are refreshing in this game. My favorite is Grace, one hell of a tough lady who will even prank the killing machine BJ till he wets his pants and then goes on to drop a line like this “I will shove this grenade so far up your ass…I will be dancing and rejoicing as your entrails trickle down from the ceiling.” The hacking of Nazis is extremely satisfying considering their merciless nature portrayed. To add to the satisfaction is a fast-paced first-person action-packed shooting that runs smoothly. You don’t run out of Nazis to kill, thus it becomes imperative to use the snooping technique to thin out the herd. Although there is stealth, this isn’t a game that gives you time to hide corpses. Stealth is only for mixing up the action, as well as to give different ways of starting a fight.
The ability to use hand combat while guns are blazing is amazing. Think of it, you get tired of aiming and you decide to run straight to the idiot, stab the racist’s tummy and then tilt its neck to death. That’s sick, right? Well, welcome to the best action-packed shooting game of the decade. One challenge that ended up becoming an annoyance is dual wielding. While in action, you don’t have the ability to pause in order to change the weapons. So, that basically means the damn Nazis will be guns blazing while you are busy selecting weapons on the wheel. Wolfenstein 2 is a hybrid game that has got the touching of The Last of Us, more lively characters compared to the Mass Effect 2, as well as innovative in more ways than The Witcher 3. Essentially, it is that satisfying pot of soup that has been missing in the action gaming industry for a while now.


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