Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Review

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From a narrative perspective, the new installation of Pokémon in the name of Ultra doesn’t generally stray much from the first Pokémon Sun and Moon story, especially when we review it from the beginning. I mean for once I was like ‘this is basically this *ish is the same!’You are yet again the youthful hero beginning another life in Alola and going over Nebby and in addition the different Ultra Beasts, however, this time around, the end-game is unique and more enjoyable. This is actually the best Pokémon has to offer but it is still too familiar to its fans. I mean really! Talk about lack of creativity! What changed from the original Pokémon Sun and Moon? Yes, the story ending is different and if we are to exaggerate, we can, because it’s huge. But, to be honest, games are not like humans, they do not become better by adding few things to the original version. By so doing, the game becomes too familiar which develops a feeling of repetition. And that is a feeling no gamer wants to have. Gamers are adrenaline junkies, we live for the hype. What good is a game if it fails to meet our expactations?

It could have been better if they had released an additional DLC for the original version of Pokémon Sun and Moon. We are way past the era of releasing ultimate version in games. When a new installation is expected, it has to be a makeover. It needs to look new and entirely present surprising moments. With that said, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is a wonderful revisit for existing gamers. However, for new players who have not been to this world before, the game will be a wonderful experience. The reinvention of Pokémon was beautiful in the beginning. Sadly, with just a year in-between Pokémon Sun and Moon, and Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, it becomes difficult to separate the two as one-year-old memories would still be lingering. The original Pokémon sun and moon did a great job in creating a world and characters that people could relate and care for. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon real crux are that all of that was beautiful in moon and sun, is still there.

I won’t take it away from Pokémon though, the game is something of perfection. The delight of the game kicks off after having gone through the first 15 hrs. I have to admit though, the wait is worth it. It’s a pain in the ass but trust me when I say it’s worth it. Having to go through the first similar 15 hours, at that point, things kick up an indent. It kicks off by many notches. There are new opponents to face now, Team Rainbow Rocket offering another enemy to go head to head against, Ultra Wormholes to pass through as you continue with your adventure and an entirely revamped story that follows an amazing Pokémon, Necrozma, that had not previously been explored.

When we played Pokémon Sun and Moon, we saw a potential of a newly revamped sequence that will bring dynamic to the game. Sun and Moon were the best and a sequel meant taking the story further. However, that is, for the most part, frustrating on the grounds that we’ve just perceived how there is the capacity for a solid new story here, not just revisiting the old ground with a different angle of narration. One thing about games is that when there is a sequel released, you need to have played the previous version in order to understand what is going on: when it comes to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon it is the opposite since you will be getting one and the same story. If labelled as a DLC, this would have lifted Pokémon Sun and Moon to greater heights and subsequently made the game one of the best. However, labeling the game as a sequel messed up everything as players expected to experience a new environment. According to me, our expectations were raised, to high levels, by the creators, only for them to drop us at the last moment by regurgitating the same scenes. And it hurts!


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