Super Mario Odyssey: A Concise Review

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I remember when my brother and I couldn’t wait for the dawn of the weekend: our aunt had a Pentium three and on it was installed the Mario Bros. It was heaven for us. Its simplicity meant that it could be enjoyed by children. The music that played in the background as you hit the question marks above which retrieved mushrooms that made “you” bigger. The firepower that was generated from the plants in clay pots which would help you hit those tiny weird looking creatures that would try and stop you from completing a level. That we would sit beside each other, take turns as we waited anxiously for either to deplete their “lives”, was what memories were made off. Oh and climbing the bean stalk at the end reminded us of Jack and the beanstalk. Euphoria.

So you can imagine how elated I was when I saw the release of the new Mario game: super Mario Odyssey. Over the years, the creators of the game at Nintendo have morphed it into the huge success that it is today by maintaining pivotal facets of the original game and adding layer upon layer of creativity and, dare I say, ingenuity, to it. So much so that it is no longer only loved by children but adults and professional gamers alike.


Think of the new 3D world that is clearly a subset of its 2D predecessors. It makes the game more immersive and yet it still wouldn’t make you dismiss previous iterations. Looking back who’d have thought that Mario’s hat, Cappy, would play such a crucial role in Mario’s quest to save her sister Tiara and Princess Peach who’d been abducted by Bowser? Cappy has more functionality than you could ever have thought off: can help Mario get hold of many characters in the game, can be used as a bouncing pad and a weapon. Talk of the gems in the new Mario game.

Now I wouldn’t want to be a spoiler by letting you in on what each possession helps you achieve. But as is expected, you’ll discover each as you make progress in the new Mario game in the more than 16 worlds available. The Metro Kingdom, an urban themed world is one that caught my attention. Not only for the different challenges like the jump rope or the RC car race, but for the much welcomed distractions under the hood like swinging away on poles and bouncing on car bonnets. Those who have a sense of fashion will fancy changing the plumber’s attire on a whim.

I have found that playing the game on a T.V. offers a much better experience than on any handheld device. Playing the new Mario game on the latter negates many of the immersive experiences that can only be experienced on a bigger medium. Anything less loses a great amount of detail. The new Mario game is one to be enjoyed even after the credits roll out. It combines experiences of old with modernism. And that’s what makes it great.

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