Persona 5 Review

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Persona 5 is ridiculously good. This is a game that nailed me to my chair for hundreds of hours and still I felt like it’s not enough. I have played a lot of RPG games, and most of them dismally fail in keeping the enthusiasm going for hours. I mean, in most cases you get to fight different enemies that are supposed to be in different stages but using the same strategy. At the end of the day, it all feels like déjà vu. The fun is no longer thrilling and by the time you stop playing the game, you feel like a dog that has been chasing its own tail. It sucks guys. But then, aside those type of games, there is Persona 5.

The opening scenes of Persona 5 carry the pride of a blockbuster novel, then its last few hours are similar to the closing minutes of an epic movie. The game is complete in all fronts with its bittersweet ending that will leave you wanting more even after spending 100 plus hours on the game. By playing Persona 5 more and more, you get to familiarize with the city and eventually become a resident. The game additionally conveys a huge feeling of fulfillment. The game gives you ferocious fighting scenes. The dungeon crawling scenes will let you perform tooth and nail fights with monsters only to get to your daily routine of being a high-school kid. The game is full of style and substance.

If you haven’t played the game, you might be confused and most probably you might find the game engrossing. Well, I will have to admit that since the game is partly a dungeon crawler, it requires a certain amount of patience. We all know that patience is the most important character one should have when playing games that require you to make your way through corridors filled with monsters. Allow me to get you back to your sit if you were about to say f8ck-this-sh8t. Dungeon crawling only makes half of the ingredients in this game. What makes Persona 5 a standout is its ability to mix the elements of a role-playing game into somewhat of a teenage life-simulator. So, imagine, after having to perform some deep dungeon world saving shit, you get back to performing the role of typical student in a high-school. Not that these two different gameplays are presented in modes of some sort, no, it all happens in one flow. The transition is smooth, just like Batman and Spiderman, you get to live a double life. There is more depth and variety in combat that will give you endless options of not to approach every fight in a similar manner.

Moving on to graphics, the presentation of the Tokyo city is beyond perfect. Enhanced with stellar writing, the game manages to pull out an impossible to pin mix of genres. From the crowded subways to city lights at night, Persona 5 portrays a world that is vibrant with color, as well as manicured andthought-out details that makes the city feel alive. When rains, you carry an umbrella. This is how the game’s beauty goes far. Every details included is accounted for. Entering a quite store will give you that silent moment while the subway full of people will be noise as you would expect it to be. One more thing that I found really impressing is how familiar one can be with the corners of the city.

So, to some up everything, among the best games released in 2017, Persona 5 really made a statement and is a game to be reckoned with. One thing for sure is that you won’t regret playing this game. It is a well-crafted RPG game that portrays a well-written story and character performance. If you miss your teenage years, then Persona 5 is your perfect reminder with some spice of dungeon crawling fights after school hours.

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