My Experiences with PUBG

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PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds or PUBG is a game that has received a lot of attention over the past few months. It began as an early access game and shot to the top of the steam user charts. The idea of intense 100 player action filled with suspense and wild shootouts appeals to a lot of players, who were more than happy to front $30 for this early access game. Many people have given their reviews on this game, but instead, I thought I would talk about some of my thoughts on how the game progressed and my personal experiences with the game.

PUBG for me started when I saw a let’s play of it on YouTube. Intrigued, and with 30 dollars I usually don’t have, I decided to buy it right then. My first game was about what you would expect, and it ended with me getting gunned down when I landed on the school. I would like to point out that at this stage the game was even more unstable than it typically is now, and trying to land on the ground was like watching a slideshow. I played a few more games on that day, and one of those saw me to the top 10.

I was definitely interested in the game by now, and spent a few cents on the community market to get some clothes that I like, and jumped into a duo game to queue with a random. I queued with someone and within seconds of the game I was teamkilled, and I vowed that until I play with some friends I would stick to solo. Immediately after that was one of my most frustrating games I will ever have. This was about 3 weeks after I bought the game, and I got fully kitted out. I got an 8x scope, a kar 98k, and level three everything. I started walking from one corner of the town to the next, and I heard a faint buzzing. The buzzing got louder and louder, and then I was run over by a buggy. It was one of my most humiliating deaths ever and got me quite frustrated.

If you are wondering whether to buy the game, be expected to lose a lot. The game pretty much speaks for itself, and now that it has 2 maps and is out of early access, I can say it is worth the $30. I have over 75 hours in the game, and because I am completely terrible, I have yet to catch the elusive win. I took a break for quite a while, but I have come back recently to the first person only servers. For me, it is much more fun than the third person and creates much more suspense. The game has become much more popular than I can expect, and I still am amazed at the number of fans. It definitely isn’t a game for everyone, but those who it is for, they will love it. It may be buggy, and kind of a mess, but it is a beautiful mess and I love it.

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