Nier: Automata

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There are few games (if not none) quite like this one. Nier Automata comes across as an all-in-one type of game. At one point you are playing the hack-and-slash, then guns go blazing, a brawler comes in—voila! It’s an RPG, as well as a text adventure, thrill, thrill, thrill! Regardless the style you are using, this game will keep you entertained for more than 30 hours with its impressive locations, action packed scenes, as well as a unique story. Speaking of which, this game has got a sick storyline, so twisted such that it left me with a ‘what the heck’ face. This is a game that puts most of ARPGs to sleep.

Nier Automata carries a lot of weight in the way it delivers combat. The combat system is well-executed and refined presenting a battle-hardened protagonist who will walk with some supermodel swag. I finished this game, and it took me days to stop my head from humming due to a tired brain trying to pin-point where the excitement came from. I mean, this is a game that I never expected to deliver beyond expectations. And here it was throwing surprise after surprise. Initially, the storyline seemed familiar such that I had a strong feeling I will be taking the same journey with just a different ride. Developed by PlatinumGames, the man behind this hilarious game is Yoko Taro. He is the one who is also responsible for the original version Nier. Thus, Nier Automata is technically a sequel to the original. The story takes place in the same location just like its predecessor.

The story takes place after the occasion of an alien invasion that forced the remaining remnants of humanity to find shelter on the moon. After occupying our earth, the damn aliens create machines that will be roaming around seeking any human populace to scorn them out. In an attempt to win back the mother earth, humans create a human like android unit YoRHa. So, when you begin playing the game, you take charge of one of these units named 2B. Since you are basically a computer, the idea of upgrading sounds great. Yeah! It makes sense considering the fact that we upgrade our computer consistently. This is one of the features that intrigues me in this game. How do you upgrade a human like android? Well, simply by playing around with your computer chips. Get me well, you don’t need to literally break open your PC to upgrade the game, we are still talking about the in-game shenanigans. So upgrading chips consists of plugging in innovative ones that will boost your speed, enable close to death auto-heal, as well as boosting your attack.

The gameplay is smoother than a baby’s ass. It flows like the river and makes it easier for you to perform some of the most hilarious moves. My favorite is when 2B self-distracts when she is among the enemies. This move drains your health but its swerve, cool, refreshing and awakening like a morning bath. Although the game experiences some glitches such as running into invincible walls; it can be overlooked considering the amount of fun you get thanks to a compliant camera and riding of animals that can drift.

So, guys, this is it. One thing for sure, Nier Automata will give you your penny’s worth experience. With main quests and side quests, for over 30 hours you will not run out of things to do. The various styles of combat presented will drive you bananas. Among the few issues is the joke of a map that I advise you not to even consider. Aside from that, you are in for a treat by choosing to play Nier Automata.

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