FIFA 18 Review

FIFA 18, Games, Online Games, Video Games

Guys, I always say this to my friends, FIFA games have got their own platform and there is no competitor out there that sets the pace for them. I mean, they literally have got all the licenses, well except for the Camp Nou and Champions League. But who cares about it when the presentation of the game is as good as watching a live match. FIFA games have been evolving over the past years. A lot of significant changes got injected in the release of FIFA 17. The 2016/2017 season entry was ground-breaking as we witnessed the introduction of The Journey story mode. Unlike the previous FIFA games where the story mode will solely focus on pitch activities, The Journey basically demonstrated the real obstacles faced by players on and off the pitch. Basically, The Journey is the Sims of football players.  The latest entry of FIFA games; FIFA 18 continued where its impressive predecessor had left. A lot of shortcomings were addressed and the game produced a better feel for visuals and gameplay.


FIFA 18 visuals are insanely beautiful. This is a game that can make your girlfriend ask which game you are watching before realizing that you are actually holding a pad. FIFA has always excelled in its presentation. The Menus are easy to maneuvre and with the inclusion of birdseye 360 view replays, one couldn’t have asked for something better. However, animations continue to disappoint with players like Casemiro looking like their long-lost cousin. Another issue that seems off with the animation of players is kit size. Players seem to wear oversized kits that look tacky.

FIFA 18 , Games, Online Games, Video Games

During gameplay, you get sneak pics of manager’s reaction by the sideline. And, the crowd is alive than before as there are moments it is portrayed in 3D. The crowd’s reaction is also better. Pre-game analyses show each of the team’s most valuable player doing their warm-ups.

FIFA 18, Games, Online Games, Video Games

Another key feature that FIFA 18 has improved is dead eyes. Players look more human compared to other FIFA games. There is a difference in the presentation of a player at the start of the match and at the end. Players sweat and you can tell the difference from a player being substituted out to the one substituted in.

FIFA 18, Games, Online Games, Video Games

Game Modes

FIFA 18 continues where 2017 version left. Career mode is more fun with the introduction of transfer negotiations that are not simulated. They are executed in real-time over a dialogue. All of these features deliver depth insight into the footballing world and make one be more involved than just playing games. Although the transfer market value is relatively low compared to the real one, it’s something that you can easily forgive FIFA as it can be easily shadowed by excellent features.


The Journey continues where it left with Alex Hunter still facing struggles on and off the pitch. This is a feature that took us by surprise and it continues to deliver. The Journey presents that Hollywood drama which lacks in sports games. I would like to point a shortcoming in Hunter’s dialogue. Most of the decisions you take don’t seem to change the direction of which the game is headed. So, it basically means we are made to believe that we are in control of Hunter’s future but in reality, it will already be decided. Thus, you do not feel in full control of Hunter’s story leading to one feeling more like a spectator. This makes The Journey: Hunter Returns show signs of stunted growth at early stages.


FIFA games have always been a mess when it comes to gameplay. There is no exception with the latest entry. I know, most of the FIFA games goons are excited about the added animations in FIFA 18, but that does not lift the game when it comes to pitch performance. Although players are more responsive compared to previous versions, there is a lot of work that needs to be addressed. Movement of the ball feels like a stone triggered by a sling. It’s just so unnatural and in most cases, players’ passes do not respond to instructions. FIFA 17 had problems in attacking play that saw most matches recording low scorelines. However, this time around, FIFA seems to have addressed the issue. But, just like a retard, if you are missing your shoelaces, FIFA will take your shoes and give you the laces. The game is now attack oriented. Defense capabilities are low to none existent. You find yourself cruising through the defence like you are in training mode. Tactics such as playing a defensive game will leave you dead in the water. Score lines are ridiculously high due to this issue and this has led to teams having the same playing styles. There is no distinction in using Juventus (defensive) or PSG (attacking).

The introduction of quick substitution is a welcome one. It makes it possible to substitute your players without going to the pause menu. Now you can play with that annoying friend who is always pausing the game to make substitutions. Execution of skills does not look sexy as you would expect. With all the premarketing stunts stating the introduction of real-player motion, I expected a more realistic game. However, turning is still a struggle. Rebounds are hard to execute and 9 out of 10, I bet your player will flop before performing a great rebound shot. The crossing is ridiculous as always. At times you get higher balls that will drop down at an impossible rate. Chip through balls are barely accurate and it is difficult to perform long high passes.

Final Verdict

As always, FIFA 18 did well in improving the visuals and introduced a more engaging career mode. The Journey’s return has got its ups and downs but it does make an impressive statement for its future. Off the pitch, the game is a delight with its presentation. It has got everything that a gamer will want to experience while maneuvering through the menus. However, on the pitch, despite the so-called introduction of real player motion, the FIFA games disease still continues. You will literally feel pain on your hands after playing the FIFA 18. It’s like fighting with your own players trying to defend, even some of the passes won’t take the direction you intend. Thus, although the game is far much better than its previous installations thanks to fluid visuals, it still has a long way to reach its full potentials.

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