The Switch’s Number of Ports is Just Fine

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No doubt you have seen the mini direct where Nintendo announced a variety of ports of new and old games that will come to the switch soon. Games like Dark Souls and Wolfenstein 2 and even indie titles like Hollow Knight will reach the Switch in 2018. Many people have expressed their objections to the current switch game lineup, saying it is diluting the console and will cause the switch’s downfall. I, however, believe that a robust library will benefit the switch more than many predict.

Nintendo isn’t just a publisher, and they need to make sure the hardware has a varied library of high-quality games for their system. Then one of the safest bets can be games that people have already played and liked. One could argue that filling a system with games people have already played clogs up the system, and normally I would agree, but the switch has something other consoles don’t have: portability. The switch is the most powerful portable system to date, and this means that people are willing to buy games they own again, just so they can play it in places other than their couch. The portability gives me a bit of forgiveness, and while not the most powerful console on the market, it can easily power through classics from the ps3 and back.

The switch game lineup was one of the best opening years any console has ever had. Mario Odyssey, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild showed that Nintendo had the chops to produce some of the best games we’ve seen in the past few years. It is unreasonable to expect this every year because Nintendo exhausted 4 of their most prominent IP’s, and sequels are just now beginning development (If they are getting sequels at all). So far, Nintendo has shown a general competency at making sure the games that reach the switch are quality. The indie scene is looking especially good, with indie developers looking to the switch as an alternative to Steam, which is filled with trash at the moment. The switch game lineup for 2017 was extremely strong, but we can expect it to get a bit weaker as time goes on.

This isn’t to say that the switch is dead and that we can only expect games we have played 100 times to appear on the platform, quite the opposite actually. The switch game lineup looks promising, and using 3rd parties to fill in the gaps is a very good move. Hopefully, Nintendo builds up a strong library of indie darlings, classic ports, and 1st party titles. Balance is going to be everything for the switch, especially in the beginning. In my opinion, the switch game lineup for the beginning of the console was slightly top heavy, and keeping that pace will be a gargantuan task. But if any company is going to be able to pull this off, it will be Nintendo. They have the track record, now its time for the marathon.

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