Monster Hunter World Review

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This is the type of a game that tells you how to play, and you will like it. The new instalment in Monster Hunter World absolutely delivers everything that dedicated fans and newcomers can enjoy. Monster Hunter is friendlier and can be easily understood compared to its previous installments. Monster Hunter provides a bridge that connects gamers that are familiar with the game with those new. It caters to everyone without sacrificing the other. Balancing these two attributes has always been a struggle for most RPG games. The idea of bringing in new gamers is a welcome one as it means more revenue generated. However, finding the right way to do so is a challenge as in most cases it will mean dishing out some elements loved by veteran gamers. Thus, it takes a bold move to take this step and moreover, it requires genuine talent to deliver it perfectly.

With that said, Monster Hunter World manages to make their system more understandable by eliminating elements that were unnecessary at the same time avoiding means of making the game look too simple. The previous versions faced a lot of obstacles especially when it came to presenting an enthusiastic world that will deliver a constant thrill. With so much to do with this new Monster Hunter installation, gamers have so much to keep them busy.

Tutorials are a way of letting new gamers understand the ins and outs of the world they are about to encounter. However, even as a newcomer, we all hate those crazy-ass tutorials that will pause the game to tell you what to do. It f8cking kills the thrill and fun as well as disturb the flow of the game. Well, I really like what Capcom did with the new Monster Hunter. Instead of those freaking front loaded pop up texts as tutorials, the game gives you a companion (Handler). This Handler gives you helpful information. Although some will say the Handler is annoying, you just have to take it like that annoying little sister you have to take everywhere you go. Good news is that the Handler will stop when you begin to face higher ranked monsters. All of this makes up a well-cooked strategy of delivering information and enabling players to immediately apply it to use.

When it comes to the map, the game delivers as it had promised. The open-world experience is amazing with so much to explore, loot and slaughter colossal monsters. Everything seems lively especially with the addition of scout flies that function as means of tracking monsters. The gameplay is beautifully crafted, letting players select their preferred style of combat through the selection of weapons. With up to 14 different classes of weapons at your disposal, you have the liberty to select the one that suits you best. However, the game can be unforgiving especially to newcomers. Despite the tutorials provided in form of the Handler, you need to be smart, patient and your timing must be succinct. Fighting advanced monsters requires skill as they can easily take you out if you become overly excited about the attack, therefore, exposing yourself. I like the way monsters respond to your attacks. You can tell that they are able to read your moves, therefore, presenting a realistic fight. Other new features include in-action drinking of health potions. Instead of the traditional celebratory pose to drinking a health potion, now you can sip it while in motion. Another interesting feature is the ability to see the damage dealt during attacks. You can turn this feature off if you feel like a purist.

The biggest change in Monster Hunter games comes with the help of platform. We are all used to the old PS2 Monster Hunter games. However, the introduction of the game to the best consoles such as PS4 Pro and Xbox One makes the game to be the best when it comes to looks in the entire history of Monster Hunter games. The world is fantastically displayed and landscapes are portrayed in a natural manner. On top of the exotic locations, there are beautifully animated monsters that go beyond the common fire-breathing dragons. With an option to change your framerate in case you want to prioritize appearance, the game will give you the best atmosphere.

Giving yourself time to play Monster Hunter World can prove to be one of the best decisions you have ever made when it comes to gaming. This is, by all means, one of the best RPG games out there. The incredible steps taken by the developer to accommodate more players will soon make this game recognized as a predator in the RPG world.

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