Shadow of the Colossus

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An outstanding remaster class that takes the 2005 version of the game to a whole new level. A number of developers have tried the theory of remastering old games into a modern style with most of them failing dismally. However, Shadow of the Colossus is not one them. Based on the 2005 PS2 game Shadow of the Colossus, this fantastic game has been brought back to life in style. Not only have the developers managed to bring back one of the most loved games on Play Station network, but it has managed to make the game one of the most beautiful and best games the platform has yet to offer.

Shadow of the Colossus excels in its appearance. I remember back then in 2005 how I used to go crazy with the features of the game. Damn! Time does favour technology indeed. Nowadays, I can’t even bring myself to play the 2005 version as I find it dull and blur for my liking. Well, that’s the world of games, what you consider a cake today, can appear as sh*t tomorrow.  That is the norm of the gaming world. However, Shadow of the Colossus stands to differ as it breaks the ground and delivers a remake of what was better to be the best.

A part of what makes Shadow of the Colossus a much-appreciated game is its vast, beautiful landscape that creates a terrifying hunt for the 16 unique beasts an intriguing one. To be honest, if you guys have been following my reviews, you know by now that I am not an ass-licker by any means. I call bull for a bull as it deserves. However, when it comes to this game, it’s a different story. This is a fantastic game that manages to deliver one of the most realistic experiences in a much awkward manner.

I am sure if you did not play the previous version you would be wondering what it is about. Well, we all know that every man desires to sleep on the boobs of the woman that they wish. This is something that games have managed to utilise to capture your attention as a gamer. That feeling of being a hero to a woman or an experience of kicking some ass with a female companion by your side. Not to be gender-focused, but this is what guys love when playing a game. With that said, Shadow of the Colossus gives you an opportunity to be the hero. Although it is something that the game doesn’t set aside to explain, it’s clear as the day that if you slay the damn monsters, you will be saving the comatose woman. So, by slaughtering these monsters, you will restore the life of this woman who seems to be of much importance to you. This 6 to 8-hour quest is remarkable as it consists of riding through the beautiful grassy lands and castles. The game manages to deliver a heartbreaking story while consistently fixing some shortcomings its predecessor had.

This game is a living testimony that a remaster work can be more than just similarly retelling the story but something that may end up delivering a whole new set of emotions to the very same players that participated in playing the previous game. The games enduring legacy stems from its simplistic design. There is variety in the monsters that you seek ranging from the water beasts to wanna be dragon birds, as well as humanoid giants.

To find your target, you need to use a beam of sunlight that will reflect on your sword. This is one of the most refreshing ways to begin a hunt. One thing that I kept reminding myself as that this is a 3 –year-old game. What the f*ck? That’s how good it is. Every time I head to the new bloody monster quest, I was left astonished by the beauty of the game. I mean, it runs on 60 frames per seconds without sacrificing quality or detail. If you’re familiar with the 2005 version, then you will quickly realise that a bunch of problems experienced by the previous games have been fixed. The jump and grab original buttons were pretty strange and hard to get used to. However, the new modernised to the 2018 standard version introduces a more friendly control setup. The minor issues that I faced were pretty much forgivable. For example, you are likely to use your favourite camera position occasionally when you find yourself in the giant’s tufts of fur, therefore, hazy your view even during the most crucial moments of the fights.

My verdict s that; just like any other game, Shadow of the Colossus s not perfect. However, all f its imperfections can be forgiven due to its highly functional gameplay that will enhance your experience. The environment is also an added advantage to the game’s beauty as everything can be easily mistaken to be taken from a real world if played on PS4 Pro. With so many remakes failing to the ground to make the impression they intend to, Shadow of the Colossus manages to break the cure and deliver one of the outstanding remakes play station has ever embraced.

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