Dragon Ball FighterZ Review

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When compared to quantity, quality has been lacking in the world of anime fans. The anime fans have been underserved for the past years; however, that nightmare seems to have seen its sunrise with the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ. The comics and cartoons of the Dragon Ball universe are what made the series’ name a famous one. Video games have been lacking here and there with a handful of the Dragon Ball games failing to live up to the bar set by the cartoons and comics. From the release of the 2002’s Budokai, I have tried to keep tabs on the games’ entries, but none managed to impress. In most cases, the issue was that the game will fail to have that connection to the standard of visual flair that the cartoons portray. One could tell that the developers were failing to transform the cartoon universe into a thrilling gaming world. I always said it to my colleagues that Dragon Ball series has more potential in becoming a cracking fighting game.

It turns out, what was needed was a change in developers. The introduction of Arc System Works as developers led to the release of the most impressive series’ entry; Dragon Ball FighterZ. Arc has got a history of exciting games and the Guilty Gear Xrd games developers came sitting on top of an impressive CV. They didn’t disappoint after scoring a contract to develop Dragon Ball FighterZ. The 3-vs-3 2D fighting game is nothing short of a masterpiece. It gives the gamers what they have been waiting for these painfully long past years. What’s soothing is that the game controls are as friendly as a baby. It doesn’t take you much of a time to get used to the game; meaning the fun begins with you picking up the pad.

I know what most of y’all are thinking now. I felt so too when I discovered that the combat style is based on four attack buttons. With a light, medium, heavy, as well as a special attack button, complex moves input commands, as well as 360 motions do not exist. We always say in the gaming world, the simpler it becomes, the less intriguing it gets. However, this seems to be the past when it comes to Dragon Ball FighterZ. The simplicity of buttons compliments triad of characters at a time. FighterZ requires you to simultaneously control three characters in the fight. So, it makes sense for the game to have a much friendly input command. However, one point where the game takes the simplicity of input commands too far is whereby simple mixing either light or medium buttons, each character will perform one of its two damaging auto combos.

Of course, just like any other game, lags have a way of ruining fluidity. When the game lags, the fight can become more frustrating especially when the opposing player spams a move. However, when you get the same player of your calibre with no lags, only the grass will suffer as the fight will be as thrilling as bees in a hive. The most exciting part is when you lift someone up in the air and smash their crack head with countless blows then finish them with a freaking blast. There is also a great selection of characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Each character has got different mechanics. Despite the characters being similar to make it easy to learn how to handle them, the developers put into consideration the importance of depth, as well as a nuance to enhance uniqueness.

The single campaign is also incredible as it includes the invasion of clones that appear to be mysterious. There is also an existence of an Android 21 character. However, fighting feels the same. In this story mode, I could hardly feel any difference after making an upgrade during a fight. Loot boxes are also a great addition to the game as they enable players to communicate with each other using emotes, as well as funny stickers.

If you are a newcomer into the fighting world, then you have an open invitation to play Dragon Ball FighterZ. Although the friendly controls will likely promote spam moves, the game still manages to deliver a much exciting fighting arena that does not deprive any gamer the fun based on their gaming experience.

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