Far Cry 5 Preview

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Far Cry 5, for some, has been one of the most anticipated games of 2018. This adventure first-person shooter will take a break from the “foreign” jungles and islands in favor of Midwestern America. The game will contain you taking down a Christian-religious cult that has taken over a small town. The game so far has gathered little poor reception, even though this can be a very divisive subject in America. The game holds a lot on its shoulders, as some people see this as the savior, or downfall of Far Cry.

The setting for one, has me very excited, as it is a little bit closer to home than previous titles have been. But it seems like it is going to stay as ridiculous as ever. The trailers depict plenty of insane shootouts and wild characters alongside the dark themes. The main character is a pilot who just wants his son to grow up in a better time than his ancestors. While a bit of a generic character, he seems to have realistic motivations and isn’t a completely blank slate. The game also promises a robust group of side/support characters, who all have their own unique traits, abilities, and motivations. Everyone is just hell bent on destroying this cult, and they aren’t going to let anybody take them.

The game also appears to have some future content in the works, with the same insane tone we got from the Blood Dragon DLC from Far Cry 3. With current DLC titles including “Dead Living Zombies”, “Hours of Darkness”, and “Lost on Mars”. As more companies use DLC to sell essential parts of the game to the player separately, it is reassuring to see Ubisoft try something else. DLC has always to me been an extension of the mechanics, and not the game. While story based / cannon DLC is perfectly fine, immersion breaking DLC to me, seems to be more what DLC should be. I think ridiculous DLC that takes the game and the engine to the limit is the best way to do it, as opposed to the “safer” option of just making more game. The DLC seems like it should be DLC and not like it should have been a part of the game from the beginning. The season pass also includes Far Cry 3 as a bonus, which in my opinion would make it one of the only season passes I would recommend buying from face value alone.

I have never followed Far Cry much as an entity, as it never seemed like something that would appeal to me. This game seeks to change that, the setting appeals to me, and the characters seem like they would be interesting. I have recently been researching more into American cults as a personal interest thing, and Far Cry 5 seems like it would appeal to my interests. The game’s business practices have been good so far, and if they continue to not screw things up I might even consider buying it. I hope it turns out good, and destroying this cult might save Far Cry in the eyes of some of its fans.

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