Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review

As time goes by, we, as gamers, demand more realistic games that will make us feel more connected to the heroes. With that said, developers try to crack their limit when it comes to creativity to come up with more realistic games. Open-world RPG games are the way to go, and they always have those magical activities that make it impossible to create realistic RPG game. Actually, I love open-world RPG games because they have got an extensive room for juicy storylines, beautiful landscapes to explore, as well as having a lot of things to do. I was excited when I received my piece of Kingdom Come Deliverance. I am half-way through the game having played a notch above the 20-hr mark. I can softly say I am pretty much impressed. The game is responsive even though there are a few glitches here and there but its gameplay flows like a river.

The game is pretty much cool, and their idea is clearly visible; let’s make a game that runs by the rules of a real world, fights that are more realistic than a WWE match, and a character that thinks, feel, and has a purpose to live. I have to say that implementing all these things was too much of a gamble and, despite playing in their favour, it did weigh down some attributes of the game to a certain extent.

The game takes place in a medieval wooded Bohemia area that is filled with logging camps, towns and farms. Each piece of land is positioned with strong logic and established in a no-brainer. Kingdom Come Deliverance delivers several punches to other RPG games such as Skyrim which gives you an impression of a big world while in reality, it wouldn’t be. Kingdom Come Deliverance presents a world that is appealing and believable. Everything just feels so real. With the game happening in Medieval Europe, there are no modern conveniences, and it implies realistic fighting techniques with no fantasy components.

Life begins in a somewhat dull manner for an RPG. All is peaceful like a baby’s sleep with the protagonist doing some errands for his family (with his father being the town’s blacksmith), laughing with mates and flirting with his girlfriend. However, as you start to get fond of Henry’s (hero) simple life, things take a rush turn with the mysterious army attacking and burning down the whole village. This brutal flashpoint of the game leaves all of the hero’s loved ones dead. It is really a sad moment, and you will surely be devastated (that is if you have got feelings). Starting as a mere peasant, the player finds himself on the frontline of a gruesome war. Despite the somewhat disturbed culture, as well as politics of this unforgiving world, Henry’s composed spirit and his determination make him a compelling guide to the society.

Kingdom Come Deliverance has neither dragons nor dungeons. There is no magic in this game, no funny creatures, enchanted weapons, spells or monsters. Everything is just as life is and this makes the game a perfect representative of the Middle Age lifestyle. Check this out; if you drink, the next day you will be f8cked with a hangover. If you don’t like to bath, the so-called Nobles won’t be willing to speak to you. During a fist fight, if you draw a sword, your opponent will retreat and most probable apologise. Stealth is more effective when you take off your clunky armour plate. The list goes on, and this shows how f8cking hilarious this game is.

Gameplay still needs some touch-ups here and there. Of course, at first, you will find it less exciting as it tries to be more realistic. It is slow compared to other RPG combat systems; however, the good news is that the system has a learning curve and once you master the does and don’ts, you will feel the thrill. In most cases, developers’ attempt to create a realistic combat system leads to significant disappointments. But developers of Kingdom Come Deliverance, Warhorse, appear to have figured out the right balance.

The dialogue at times can be ridiculously long. At some point, I found myself walking into invisible walls. When walking through the jungle, you see a path, and surely nothing can prevent you from following it, but then, an unseen object will prevent you. With everything taken into consideration, Kingdom Come Deliverance is a breath of fresh air. It presents a functioning realistic combat style ever to be experienced in an RPG game. The landscape is amazingly beautiful, and it rightfully portrays the medieval times. Basically, this is a game to play if you are looking for something new, combat mechanics that are thought-provoking, as well as an engaging storyline.

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