A Way Out Preview

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Hey folks. Could someone remind me how many days are we left with till the release of A Way Out? Yeah! Since the announcement of the game at the Electronics Art’s E3 2017, A Way Out has become the most talked about game. The game is the first to be released by Hay’s Light studio. Hay’s Light is a new studio headed by James Fares who previously directed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. So, despite the studio being a newbie in the industry, it carries heavyweight tools. Hence, it comes as a no surprise why their first game is making such waves. The other thing fueling these waves is what has been revealed on the game’s trailer. This is a new thing, never seen before guys. It promises to be gutsy as hell and with EA behind it, no doubt it will present flawless gameplay.

So, what’s so special about A Way Out? This is a game that is specifically designed for two players. This means you cannot be a lonely crackhead who can’t stand online interaction and play the game. It is crafted to be played by two people or else, you will have to hold two joypads using both of your hands (that’s if you are a superman like that). Just like the old fashion way, it’s either you play with your friend via a split-screen couch co-op or online. Among the EA games announced amid the E3 2017, A Way Out is the most experimental, as well as the narrative-driven game. Scheduled for release on the 23rd of March, 2018 for Xbox, PS4, as well as PC gamers, it has already gone gold.

A Way Out is a mandatory two-player game that is based on two protagonists Leo and Vincent. The two begin their journey as strangers only existing in the same prison. Driven by their zeal to escape prison, they are compelled to build a relationship that is based on trust. Since the game is designed to be played with a friend on the same couch or online, communication between the players is imperative. There is no doubt that having to spend hours on this game with your buddy, a strong bond will be built. The emotional adventure that the two heroes will embark on will be delivered over a compelling narrative. Although the game gives gamers an option to find a partner online, I still think it will be most enjoyed when played with a friend on the couch. Based on the trailer that we have seen so far, it looks like there will be some important decisions that will require a choice to be made between the two gamers. With that said, I have to give credit to the game developers because A Way Out is one of a kind. To provide each player with full control to their characters, the two stories will not proceed simultaneously. This means that one player can be having a cutscene while the other is fully engaged in a fight. Also, what really excited me is that if the other player is having a cinematic event, their screen part will become bigger, i.e. 65:35.

A Way Out promises to be one hell of a kick-ass game. Considering that it brings something that we have never seen before, I wouldn’t hesitate to bet on its success. This is a game that I can gladly recommend to anyone to check out. It is an evolution of something that has the capability of forming new bonds, strengthen existing ones while allowing you to share some deep emotions with your gaming partner. If you think the fun ends with escaping prison, then A Way Out has a huge surprise for you. If this preview is not enough, then I will suggest you tune in after the release of the game for a detailed A Way Out review. Cheers!

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