Granado Espada Stance – Cauchemar

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Who can use:

Rapier + Armguard

Attack Cycle:
2 hit 1 target

Level: Veteran
Stance: Epee Garde 25

Master Guardian NPC
1,000,000 Vis

Bonus at Stance Level 25: +16% attack speed, +30% critical

Vampiric Obsession

Stance Level: 4
SP Cost: 150
Cast/Cool: Cast time: 1
Cooldown: 15
Targets: 1 enemy within 6m
Classification: N/A
Damage/Duration LV1: 249%
LV10: 453%


Stance Level: 8
SP Cost: 200
Cast/Cool: Cast time: 1.7
Cooldown: 10
Targets: 6 enemies within a 6m radius
Classification: AoE fan 40° 
ahead of selfN/A
Damage/Duration: LV1: 284%
LV10: 516%

Death Crest

Stance Level:16
SP Cost:250
Cast/Cool: Cast time: N/A
Cooldown: 15
Target:1 nearby enemy
Classification:Ignores 30 DEF on target
15% chance to [Shock]
Damage/Duration:LV1: 980%
LV10: 1781%

Eternal Tempest

Stance Level:20
SP Cost:300
Cast time: N/A
Cooldown: 20
Target: 1 nearby enemy
Classification: Ignores 50 DEF on target

Damage/Duration: LV1: 1565%
LV10: 2845%

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