Fortnite: Battle Royale Review

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Becoming one of the most streamed games on twitch with a recent stream featuring the rapper Drake, it is obvious that many people know about Fortnite. However, it has been a while since anybody has taken an objective look at its popular Battle Royale mode, and it has changed quite a lot since its release. From new weapons, to complete rebalances, the game has changed a lot and I wanted to take an objective look at the popular game.

So Fortnite’s most unique thing to me is its art style. It combines what I would consider high res N64 graphics mixed with the comic-book style of games like Borderlands or Mad World. The bright colors really make the game pop, especially since so many games in the genre (zombie survival or battle royale) are very realistic and drab. The game also has a visual simplicity that lends to more efficient gameplay. It is a lot easier to pick out enemies from the landscape than in other games in the genre. The loot itself is also very streamlined in its visual style. You can immediately tell what something is from the way it looks, instead of having to see the item description. The World of Warcraft esque glow also does a good job of letting you know if a piece of equipment is even worth your time.

In a battle royale game, you are going to be moving constantly, what confuses me is why Fortnite is the first game to really nail this. Ammo and building materials are always picked up when you walk over them, and there are no weapon mods to burden you with the customization. I usually love to have as many customization options as possible, but when I am trying to run and gun, I don’t want to worry about that stuff. The game just does a good job of shortening the number of things you have to worry about. Your main focuses are going to be:

– Your weapon level

– Your position relative to the circle

– Your health

and that is pretty much it. It’s just a lot simpler and reduces the number of things you have to worry about in your game.

However, the game needs a bit more variety. For some reason, I don’t feel like Fortnite forces variety in the way that other games in the genre do. Maybe this is by design but was most relevant to me when they recently decided to shelve the smoke bomb while they released the remote explosive. I can understand the desire to make your game as streamlined and newbie-friendly as possible, but I feel the lack of variety made me bore quickly. The game could also use a few more weapons because the current weapons in the game could be used as categories of weapons in other games. Maybe doing things like the silenced pistol and integrating mods into weapons that cannot be changed would be nice. More things like the scoped assault rifle can help and shake the game up a bit.

The game is just very comfortable and safe. It doesn’t take any risks, but it doesn’t do anything exceptionally well. It is easy to see how it has gathered the mass appeal it has gathered, but it feels like Epic is holding back.

7/10 “good, but safe”

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