Banner Saga 2 Review

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The first Banner Saga game was loved by fans and critics alike for its in-depth storylines and the beautiful aesthetics of the role-playing game with a Viking setting. When Banner Saga 2 was released, it was received with many expectations and it almost fulfills them completely. The second game in the trilogy builds upon the first game’s legacy in a pretty good way.

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Banner Saga 2 has the same tactical turn-based combat system like the first game but in a improved manner, with many additions that make this game interesting. Aside from introducing new units, new talents, new enemies, and interactive objects, the game also introduces a centaur-like race called The Horseborne.


If you are playing Banner Saga 2 after the first game, then the decisions you made in the first game would significantly impact what happens in this game. The developers of this game tried to revamp the combat system in response to the sometimes slow and boring nature of combat in the first game.

The soundtrack composed by the amazing talented composer Austin Wintory is just as great as the majestic soundtrack that accompanied the first game. It creates an epic atmosphere throughout the game and makes you feel as if you truly are living in a magical, stoic Viking world.

The beautiful 2D hand-drawn animation makes this game look just as good as the first one and this narrative and storyline of this game are also largely affected by the decisions the player makes.

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For a project that originally started as Kickstarter and turned into a trilogy of three games, Banner Saga 2 shows why exactly that happened.

By focusing on the strengths of the first game and improving upon the weaknesses, Stoic has created a game that is not only a suitable addition to the series of Banner Saga but a great game on its own right with an emphasis on the story, the art, and the music.

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