Banner Saga 3

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In its 3rd edition of the famous Banner Saga games, the Banner Saga 3 lives up to the legacy of the previous versions. The game brings back the epic struggle of the lead character as he finds his way through the uncharted land of the Vikings. With an epic role play and brilliant animation sequence, this game has a lot to offer. The game throws you challenges like, whom to trust, how to protect your allies and what choices to make.

This is a strategy game which tests your patience and logical skills. The choices you make will lead you to distinct outcomes that are either in favor or against you. Also, with each passing level, you will find yourself going deeper into the depth of darkness. You will eventually witness the darkness taking over all the beautiful things that mattered to the protagonist the most. The hand-painted finale of this epic trilogy brings back the childhood nostalgia of fairy tale stories but with a touch of evil.

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The combat system in the game is turn-based which is similar to the gameplay popularized by games like the Final Fantasy. The combat system demands players to use strategy when it comes to attacking and defending their characters and their caravan. The Banner Saga 3 brings with it a host of new playable characters that can join your squad as allies to fight and defeat your enemies. You will also enjoy the advantages of new upgrade options as you progress through the game. The deeper twist in the plot makes this game all the more challenging than its predecessors.

For music and OST lovers, the Banner Saga 3 offers a candid surprise with an all-new original score from the Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory. Trust me, if you loved the score of the previous editions, then you are bound to fall in love with this one too.

Carrying forward the legacy, the Banner Saga 3 continues the ordeal that started in the Banner Saga 1 and continued through the Banner Saga 2 respectively. As you already know from previous editions of Banner Sagas, the choices you make will eventually lead to different situational endings. This game offers deep strategic combats as you will face different types of enemies with their own unique strengths. The players get the chance to customize their playing style according to the strengths.

Banner Saga 3,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

With all these hosts of features, this game provides a perfect blend of a great storyline and strategic decision making. Some players may complain about the lack of high-end graphics and interactions but this game is fun to play.

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